It would be simply incorrect to say that the Poland national football team has not made a substantial impact on the sport over the years. In addition to seven appearances at the FIFA World Cup (and two third place finishes), the team has also won two silver medals, two bronze medals, and one gold medal Poland Away Shirt 2014 - 2015at the Olympics. And yet despite those achievements, Poland is not generally thought of as a "football country" in the way that Brazil, Italy, Germany, and others are. But with the recent announcement that Poland will host the UEFA U21 tournament in 2017, that perception could be shifting. Celebrate the growth of the nation's football tradition with a new 2014 2015 Polish soccer jersey, available now at Soccer Box!

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From Participant to Host

Pick up a Polish soccer jersey today, not only to support the White Eagles in their Euro 2016 qualifying campaign, but also to celebrate the recent UEFA decision to hold 2017's Under-21 Championship in Poland.

The decision makes sense in the narrative arc of the Polish football tradition. Over the years, Poland has evolved from a participant at global soccer events to a host. The first major football event hosted in the country took place three years ago, when the Poles split hosting duties for the 2012 European Championship with Ukraine.

Host Euro, even as a joint endeavor, was a big responsibility for Poland-and for several reasons. First of all, the nation had never hosted any international soccer event before. As fans in the Poland away shirt 2014 2015 will remember, their country's soccer team saw all of its most major successes away from home.

When the Polish side won Olympic gold in 1972, they did so on German soil. The two silver medals, achieved in 1976 and 1992, were earned in Canada and Spain, respectively. And Germany and Spain also were the sites for the White Eagles' two third-place World Cup finishes, in 1974 and 1982.

The European Championship

As for Euro, Poland never even qualified for the tournament until 2008. In other words, when the country hosted the European Championship in 2012, the wearers of the Polish soccer jersey had only ever even been a part of the event on one prior occasion.

The Polish side didn't make much of an impression at either competition, exiting after the group stage in both 2008 and 2012. However, the big story for Poland in 2012 was the hosting responsibility.

Leading up to Euro 2012, the UEFA was critical of both Poland and Ukraine. The football organization was worried that the two countries-both first-time hosts for an event of this magnitude-would not be prepared to host the event. The UEFA even reportedly considered alternative hosts.

The Under-21 Championship

In the end, the tournament went off without a hitch and the UEFA was satisfied with both Poland and Ukraine as hosts. That much is evident now that Poland has been selected to host the 2017 Under-21 Championships, again for the UEFA.

The big focus in Polish football right now is undoubtedly the qualification campaign for Euro 2016. Fans in the Poland away shirt 2014 2015 or home jersey will surely be ready come March, when qualifying play resumes after a lengthy hiatus.

Still, those same fans will undoubtedly be happy that another major soccer event is on the way to their country. Poland will be looking for their best result in the U21 tournament since 1994, when they reached the quarterfinals.

Celebrate the growing football heritage in Poland with a brand new 2014 2015 Polish soccer jersey, available at Soccer Box. Now that the team has hosted Euro and is set to hold the U21s, could FIFA's World Cup be next?