Portugal 2014 World Cup Home JerseyThe Portugal national soccer team has secured its place in the most anticipated sports event of 2014, the World Cup. This year's tournament is expected to be a high energy, exciting show, hosted by the Samba Nation Brazil. Portugal has never won the World Cup, and isn't topping this year's list of favorites, but with Ronaldo wearing the Portugal football shirt anything could happen. Support the team and order your Portugal football kit now.

Ronaldo is a Portuguese soccer striker. As well as wearing the Portugal football shirt for his country, he also plays for Real Madrid. After a tough start in life, growing up in a deprived family, with few toys he has made a name for himself as one of the best strikers to of ever graced a soccer pitch. He has recently been awarded the FIFA Ballon d'Or award, the award given to the best performing football player in the world.

Qualification and Play-Off Performance

The Portuguese team did not secure automatic qualification via the qualifying stages. They were in UEFA qualifying group F along with Russia, Israel, Azerbaijan, Northern Ireland and Luxembourg. Portugal did not perform as well as they might of hoped, and finished 2nd in the group. The play-offs were their only chance of securing a trip to Brazil.

Portugal drew Sweden in the play-off draw. The play-off was a 2-leg match; the aggregate winner would secure qualification to the final tournament in Brazil. Ronaldo almost single handedly secured his team's qualification. After both games the aggregate score was 4-2, Ronaldo scored all 4 goals and has ensured his name will star on the Portugal 2014 World Cup home jersey.

New Shirt Launched Amid Hopes of Success

Following successful qualification Nike has launched the Portugal 2014 World Cup home jersey. This brand new shirt is sure to be a winner with fans. It is designed in the famous Portuguese red color scheme with a stylish lighter to darker transitional pattern. The V-shaped neckline is edged in green perfectly complimenting the design. This year is the Portuguese Football Associations 100th anniversary, and a special celebratory crest features on the front on the shirt.

After a tough qualifying campaign Portugal is not topping the list of favorites to win the World Cup. The team has never had the honor of lifting the trophy. Having star striker Ronaldo in the team undoubtedly makes facing the Portugal football shirt a formidable option to any opponent. However, wining the World Cup takes a whole team not a single player, can the team rise to Ronaldo's prowess?

Group of Death Draw 

The odds have not been in Portugal's favor throughout this World Cup campaign, and the group stage draw was no better. The 1st round in Brazil has drawn Portugal into the group dubbed 'The group of death'. Every World Cup draw throws together some interesting combinations, and tough games for some teams. There are several such groups in this year's FIFA World Cup.

In order to progress throughout the group stage into the knockout rounds Portugal will need to finish either 1st or 2nd in their group, that is Group G. The players wearing the Portugal football shirt will face Germany, Ghana and United States. Germany is the favorite European team going into the tournament, although Brasil and Argentina far outrank any other team as probable tournament winners.

Jurgen Klinsmann, former Germany manager, manages the United States team. Under his leadership their team has been performing exceptionally well and cannot be ruled out of progressing to the knockout stages. Ghana is the lowest ranked team in the group, but is renowned for excellent World Cup performances. They have reached the knockout stages in the last 2 tournaments.

Portugal and Germany are favorites to progress to the 2nd round; however, no team is secure in the Group of the Death. Ronaldo will need the support and skills of the other players wearing the Portugal 2014 World Cup home jersey if the team has any chance of progressing. Ronaldo's striking force ensures some entertaining Group G matches, but he cannot secure Portugal's progression alone.

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