He's certainly on the shortlist, and the best footballer currently on the squad. He's also the fan favorite, given the sheer number of jerseys you will see with the number 7 on them at any given Portugal match. Want your own soccer strip to celebrate this titan of the sport? Stop by Soccer Box today and peruse our selection. We have stock of both the Portugal away jersey 2014 2015 and the red Nike home strip available for purchase right now. Both of these football strip versions will continue to be worn throughout 2015, as the Portuguese side shoots for European Championship qualification.

The Superlatives

Before you pick up a new Portugal football strip at Soccer Box, let's answer that question from earlier: is Cristiano Ronaldo the best soccer star ever to compete for the country?

He certainly has a number of superlatives on his side. Since his first year with the national side in 2003, Ronaldo has played in 118 games and scored 57 goals. Only one footballer in Portugal history has been capped on more occasions: Luis Fago, the attacking midfielder and winger who played for the country from 1991 to 2006. Fago amassed 127 caps in his 15 years on the squad.

As far as goals go no one can compare to the great Cristiano. His point count of 57 makes him uncontested as the country's all-time leading goal scorer.

The fact that he's gotten there in just over a decade of playing internationally is even more remarkable. Quite simply, there isn't another Portuguese striker in history who has been as talented or consistent. No wonder so many fans in the Portugal away jersey adore him.

Other Contenders

Also praiseworthy is Pauleta, who Cristiano just passed for the title of all-time leading goal scorer this year. In fact, at the beginning of 2014, the two were tied at the top of that list, with 47 goals each. But while Pauleta may have surpassed, his accomplishments still deserve celebrating.

Pauleta wore the Portugal football strip between August 1997 and July 2006. When he retired from international play, the striker was the fifth most-capped player in Portuguese team history. In addition to success with the national soccer team, he enjoyed great runs with Bordeaux and Paris Saint Germain.

Current Players 

Pauleta, Luis Figo, and Ronaldo are probably the three greatest talents to represent the Portugal football jersey. As far as footballers who are still wearing the Portugal away jersey 2014 2015 and competing for the country, there are a few others who could leave behind legacies worthy of conversation by the time they retire.

One of those 2014 2015 squad members is Helder Prostiga. The striker has been repeatedly transferred and loaned out during his league career, leaving him without much consistency or legacy with any one soccer club. With the Portugal national side, though, Prostiga has collected 71 caps and scored 27 goals. Just three more points will break him into the top five leading scorers.

Also worthy of conversation is Nani, a 28-year-old winger who is Portugal's second most-capped current soccer player, after Ronaldo. Nani has played in 83 matches with the team since getting called up in 2006.

Who is your favorite Portuguese football star? Celebrate them today, with a new 2014 2015 Portugal football strip from Soccer Box. Whether you are looking for an away jersey, a player-specific strip or a home jersey, we've got what you need!