Their first qualification, which wasn't until 1966, saw them reaching the semi-finals. However, the next two times that they qualified they did not have such a good showing. They lost out in the first round both times. Perhaps this year it will do the team good to have the support of loyal fans urging them on by wearing the team jerseys to Brazil. Soccer Box has all the supplies adults and children need, including the Portugal youth World Cup home jersey 2014.

Seeing Red

Portugal soccer jerseys, like those of English team Liverpool, are part of an all red home kit. This is flashy gear to wear, and if their intentions are to intimidate the competition then it may have been working recently in getting their number 3 FIFA ranking. Perhaps this year is their best chance at taking home the win in the World Cup, and those red jerseys will be a good way to do it in style.

Portugal's white and blue away gear is more muted than the blazing red football kit they wear at home, but is no less supportive when worn by fans. This year the team also has an all black away kit, which is as stylish as their red home kits. The majority of fans looking to show their intense loyalty and support for their team will undoubtedly want to choose the intense red home jerseys, and with the Portugal youth home jersey  the whole family can help them vie for the cup.

Portugal's Best Chance

This year is clearly the best chance that the team has ever had in bringing home the World Cup victory to Portugal. This year will only be their sixth time to compete, making them one of the least experienced teams to show their colors on the world stage. During their previous five times that they have competed, the closest they have ever come to winning was third place back in 1966.

That was their first time competing, and they have come no closer since then. Times have changed, however, and they have a decent ranking coming into the games. If they are going to win, they will have to beat some of the toughest competition that the World Cup has ever seen.

They have been placed in group G, alongside the Germany, Ghana, and USA national football teams. They will need to beat out these teams in the beginning if they want to move on, which is easier said than done. However, fans do have a reason to believe that they can bring home the title this year, and it is likely the stands will be full of the Portugal youth World Cup home jersey 2014 and fans eager to watch their home team fight for football glory.

Show Your Colors

If you want to show Brazil what Portugal is made of, then show your support and wear Portugal's team colors during this year's games. The entire world is watching, and since Portugal hasn't had much luck in the past they will need all the help that their fans can offer them. The whole world is waiting to see what the Portuguese football team can do, and if they have what it takes to come close to their initial vie at the prize in 1966.

If 2014 is indeed their year then make sure to remember it by having all of the best merchandise that Soccer Box has to offer. Will Portugal show that they have what it takes to be victorious on the world stage? If so then show it with the Portugal kits, jerseys, and more. The Portugal soccer jerseys are the perfect way to prove your confidence in an incredible showing this year.