1. Euro 2016 Qualifying Group I: Assessing the State of the Qualifying Competition's Smallest Group

    Group I is the odd man out in the Euro 2016 Qualifying Competition. Where the other eight qualification groups are all comprised of six teams apiece, Group I only has five. That makes it a less competitive spot in some ways: after all, the top two teams still qualify, and the third-place team still has a shot at the wildcard spot. In other ways, though, the five-team structure of Euro 2016 Qualifying Group I presents its own challenges: with fewer squads to play, there are also fewer fixtures on the schedule, which means less time for each soccer team to find a strong footing and establish an advantage.

    The Current Standings

    Not that the truncated qualifying campaign has hurt Portugal or Denmark-the group's top two countries. With five games played, Portugal is leading the charge in Group I, with four wins, one loss, and a point total of 12. Denmark is just two points back, with three wins, one draw, and one loss.


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  2. The 2015 UEFA European Under 21 Championship: A Preview of Saturday's Semifinals

    It may not garner the attention or press coverage of the regular European Championship, the World Cup, or even the Copa America, but the 2015 UEFA European Under 21 Championship does provide some interesting insight on the up-and-coming talent of European football. Therefore, if you want to get a glimpse at the soccer stars of tomorrow ahead of everyone else, you might want to tune into Saturday's under-21 Euro semifinal matches. Here's what to expect.

    Semifinal Match 1: Portugal vs. Germany

    The first semifinal match on Saturday will be played between the winners of Group B (Portugal) and the runners-up from Group A (Germany). The Portuguese side will be playing in the "home team" position, while the Germans will be donning their away kits.

    This match should be an exciting one to watch, since Portugal and Germany performed similarly during the group stage. The German side, though widely predicted to win

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  3. Is Cristiano Ronaldo Slowing Down and Beginning to Show His Age?

    It's been a tumultuous couple of weeks at Real Madrid. The Vikings finished the 2014 2015 La Liga season without a title, manager Carlo Ancelotti was unceremoniously sacked, and rumors about the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo got kicked up like dust in the wind. Needless to say, the idea of Ronaldo leaving Real Madrid for a new chapter at another club has many of football's biggest teams adjusting their transfer goals for the summer. But is Cristiano Ronaldo slowing down, and beginning to show his age, is he still a valuable asset?

    One rumor says that Chelsea FC is prepared to shell out £71.5 million to bring Cristiano to Stamford Bridge in 2015 2016. But is that hefty dollar figure (it would be the fourth highest transfer fee ever) a worthwhile investment considering that Ronaldo is already 30? Or does the Portuguese soccer star still have a few years of greatness left in him before he starts to look his age?

    Looking at the 2014 2015

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  4. Looking at Portugal's Bizarre Friendly Fixture Loss Against Cape Verde Islands

    It really seems as if no one is quite sure how to look at the Portugal national football team. Are they one of the best national teams in the world? They were slotted as such on FIFA's world rankings last year, leading up to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, but ended up being eliminated from the contest in the group stage. But even after that disappointing outcome, the wearers of the Portugal soccer shirts are still ranked as one of the top 10 national teams in the world. They're also shoe-ins to qualify for next year's UEFA European Championship, but just lost a friendly fixture against the Cape Verde Islands-a country hardly even on the global soccer map.

    As you can see, Portugal is a football squad full of contradictions at the moment. However, you can still celebrate the squad today with a new set of official shirts in stock at Soccer Box! We have stock available of the brand new Portugal away jersey 2015 2016, and suffice it to say that it's one of the most stunning jersey designs

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  5. Portugal Ascends to the Top of Euro 2016 Qualifying Group I with Win

    Whether you are looking for a red Nike home shirt, a Ronaldo number 7 jersey, or a white and blue Portugal away shirt 2014 2015, Soccer Box can help! The away shirt is even available at the moment for 25% off, so that you can support this talented football team on a budget! Check out the selection today at the Soccer Box web store.

    Group I

    Most of the groups in the qualification circuit for next year's European Championship consist of six teams, making for three head-to-head pairings for every Euro qualifying weekend. Meanwhile, Portugal is a part of the "odd" category: Group I only consists of five teams-including Denmark, Albania, Serbia, and Armenia.

    Because they are one country short, Group I leaves one team with no opponent every time there is a qualifying fixture. In other words, prior to the long winter hiatus that spanned from November to this past weekend, most of the teams in Group

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  6. The Sun Sets on an Impressive 2014 for Cristiano Ronaldo

    In one way, 2014 might have been the most disappointing year in Cristiano Ronaldo's career. After four seasons in a row of scoring 30 or more goals in the Spanish La Liga (and 50 or more overall, with all cup and European play included), Ronaldo was expected to figure greatly into the outcome of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Not only did analysts think the star striker would drive the Portugal national team to a high finish in the tournament, but some were also wondering whether or not he might take the Golden Ball award. Needless to say, all the speculation sparked popularity for Ronaldo merchandise.

    Ultimately, a knee injury derailed all of those hopes for Cristiano, keeping him from scoring enough to contend for the Golden Boot, and resulting in the early elimination of his team. Still, the World Cup disappointment hasn't dimmed the furor and fandom. On the contrary, at Soccer Box, one of our most popular items is the Ronaldo 7 Real Madrid home shirt 2014 2015, while other player-specific

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  7. Is Cristiano Ronaldo the Greatest Player in Portugal Football History?

    He's certainly on the shortlist, and the best footballer currently on the squad. He's also the fan favorite, given the sheer number of jerseys you will see with the number 7 on them at any given Portugal match. Want your own soccer strip to celebrate this titan of the sport? Stop by Soccer Box today and peruse our selection. We have stock of both the Portugal away jersey 2014 2015 and the red Nike home strip available for purchase right now. Both of these football strip versions will continue to be worn throughout 2015, as the Portuguese side shoots for European Championship qualification.

    The Superlatives

    Before you pick up a new Portugal football strip at Soccer Box, let's answer that question from earlier: is Cristiano Ronaldo the best soccer star ever to compete for the country?

    He certainly has a number of superlatives on his side. Since his first year with the national side in 2003,

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  8. Portugal in a Good Place for Euro 2016 Qualification

    The Portugal national football team won't play another match until March of 2015, which means the team's largely lopsided 2014 run is now set in stone in the history books. Indeed, the fortunes of the Portugal football top and the players wearing it Portugal 2014 World Cup Home Shirthave shifted significantly this year, from early World Cup favorite to early elimination and beyond. Luckily, though, their fortunes have seen enough of an uptick in late 2014 to put them in a good place for Euro 2016 qualification as the year draws to a close.

    Indeed, the Portuguese football squad is currently in second place in Euro 2016 qualifying Group A. That means that, as long as the national side continues to perform reasonably well

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  9. Cristiano Ronaldo Carries Portugal through Euro 2016 Qualifiers

    Drawn into Group I for qualification into the 2016 European Championships, the Portugal national football team already had an inherently easier run to the UEFA tournament than most other countries. Where most of the qualifying groups have six teams each, Group I has only five. That means Portugal only has to best three other countries to earn a slot in Euro 2016. And thanks to the efforts of captain Cristiano Ronaldo, there is little doubt that we will be seeing the Portugal football shirt at Euro in two years.

    The Portuguese squad's run in this autumn's qualifying fixtures has been far from bulletproof. Indeed, the country has only scored two goals. Both of those goals were provided by Ronaldo, though, who is a talented enough star that any team he plays for is worth supporting. At Soccer Box, we have a range of gear to celebrate Cristiano and his national squad as a whole. Whether you are looking for an adult home football shirt or a Portugal youth away jersey 2014 2015, you can

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  10. Shocking Euro 2016 Qualifier Featuring Portugal

    The Portugal home jersey 2014 - 2015 was part of the soccer kit launched for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The stylish transitional red shirt did not carry much luck during the World Cup campaign and appears to be showing a similar fate in European competition. Perhaps the team needs more fans sporting this football jersey and showing their support in order to rally to the task and win, order your home jersey or full kit at Soccer Box while stocks last.

    Portugal Soccer Kit

    2014 Failures

    2014 has been a huge year for soccer; the 20th FIFA World Cup was hosted by Brazil and offered a month of entertainment to football fans around the globe. Those wearing the Portugal football kit were perhaps left more disappointed and despondent than some other supporters.


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