Liverpool FC may not have approached the heights of their 2013 2014 runner-up season in this year's English Premier League, but this weekend, they will have a chance at grabbing at least one consolation prize: the Premier League Golden Glove 2014 - 2015. Indeed, Liverpool goalkeeper Simon Mignolet is up for the prize-alongside three other goalkeepers from the Premier League-and the winner of the award will be decided based on who does or does not manage a clean sheet performance this weekend.

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The Race for the Golden Glove Award

Currently, Mignolet is stuck in a four-way race for the Premier League's 2014 2015 Golden Glove award. Also in the running are Manchester City's Joe Hart, Southampton's Fraser Forster, and Swansea City's Lukasz Fabianski-all of whom have so far managed 13 clean sheets this season.

Thibaut Courtois, who serves as goalkeeper for league champions Chelsea, is just behind, with 12 clean sheets in the league this season. If Courtois manages to save every ball that comes his way this weekend, in Chelsea's season-closing game against Sunderland (which seems likely, given Sunderland's status as the lowest ranked team in the division), he could still score a share of the Golden Glove title. However, that will only happen if the other four football teams goalkeeper's let goals pass them in their final games.

Mignolet will shoot to break the tie on Sunday, donning his black goalkeeper shirt 2014 2015 for an away game at Stoke City. The Reds beat Stoke 1-0 in a November 29th home match, so Mignolet's chances of managing a 14th clean sheet seem pretty good.

Fraser Forster: The Deserving Winner?

Manchester City and Southampton, meanwhile, will see the season out in a head-to-head battle. Unfortunately, the game won't bring a head-to-head battle between two of the season's top goalkeepers. Joe Hart will be in City's net, gunning for his 14th clean sheet of the soccer season, but Forster will be substituted on the Southampton end by either Kelvin Davis Paulo Gazzaniga. Forster broke his kneecap during Southampton's March 21st game against Burnley-an injury that ended his season.

Still, with that 2-0 victory against Burnley, Forster exited the 2014 2015 football season with 13 clean sheets. In other words, he did in 30 weeks what the Premier League's other top goalkeepers have taken 37 weeks to do. His only hope at the Golden Glove award is a four or five-way tie at 13 clean sheets, but he's arguably the deserving winner. If he hadn't been injured, there's little doubt that Forster would be leading the field significantly in terms of clean sheets, and that there would be no tie to speak of.

Who Will Win?

Even if Forster is the deserving winner, though, the show must go on, and the question now is who will be the actual winner? Will we see a four or five-way tie at 13 clean sheets? Will Mignolet get a repeat of his last clean sheet against Stoke, and thereby win the Golden Glove? Will Manchester City shut out Southampton (as they did 3-0 back in November) to give Hart his 14th? Or will Swansea's Lukasz Fabianski surprise everyone with a clean sheet against Crystal Palace?

We'll find out the answers to those questions this weekend, and of course the Premier League Golden Glove 2014 - 2015 winner will be decided. If you are rooting for Simon Mignolet, show your support for the 27-year-old Belgian star, with a brand new Liverpool home goalkeeper shirt 2015 2016.