Watched by thousands, the Premier League matches are one of the most popular soccer tournaments to view across the globe and loved by many. This is mainly down to the success of the players and the rivalry and competitiveness between the clubs when they take to the pitch. And despite this, they still show great sportsmanship when playing with other teams throughout the games.

At the moment we are only two weeks into the games, and we are already glued to our screens on the edge of our seats. Within this article we are going to review the current performance of all teams and players along with taking a brief look how the newly promoting clubs are coping in the top flight league.

Impressive Match Results

Our of the number of games played so far there are a few that stand out the most when it comes to how the scores ended up. The first one was seen on the 11th August where Chelsea beat Huddersfield with a fantastic effort of 3-0. And we can also see that Liverpool have also been successful with their victory against West Ham which saw them secure a 4-0 win. The most spectacular result so far would seem to be the match where Manchester City received 5 goals against Huddersfield after they unfortunately scored an own goal which then lead to MCFC’s 6-1 victory.

Along with these apparent victories, we have also seen a lot of draws so far this season. Starting with the Wolves vs Everton 2 all draw on the 11th and Southampton vs Burnley nil-nil last weekend. And the past matches seen on Saturday and Sunday saw Cardiff and Newcastle draw.

How are the new Teams Coping?

This new season saw the promotion of Fulham, Wolves and Cardiff City after their successes in the Championship, but how are they doing so far against the top flight teams? Below we have broken down the results so far for these three clubs during their first few fixtures of the Premier League.

Fulham’s first ever match in their new tournament was against Crystal Palace. During this game they unfortunately failed to score a goal, which consequently led to them losing 2-0. However, after this rocky start, they managed to successfully acquire one net against Tottenham Hotspur during their second match. But Spurs dominated with a 3-1 finish, but this was most certainly an improvement from the first fixture for Fulham.

Wolves’ began their Premier League journey with their first game against Everton and after a valiant effort they managed to draw at 2 all. As well as this, looking at the statistics they managed to maintain a 58% possession rate compared to Everton’s 42% which is an impressive start. After this they then went on to face Leicester City where they managed to score 1 goal but unfortunately this was in the wrong net and enabled the opposition to win 2-0.

The 11th August saw Cardiff City first take to the pitch against Bournemouth, however they did not succeed in acquiring any goals and subsequently lost 2-0. After this, their second fixture was with Newcastle United where they drew 0-0. And when reviewing the stats of the match, Cardiff City was very successful in terms of possession with a 52% rate and they also had a higher pass accuracy compared to their competitor at 64%.

Outstanding Performances

During the past two weekends of fixtures we have seen a lot of goals take place for the clubs, and some have even been completed more than once by a single player. Below we have looked into the current scores of each team along with their strongest player so far.

  • Manchester City – 7 goals total by Sterling, Silva x2, Aguero x3 and Jesus
  • Chelsea – 6 goals total by Kante, Jorginho (P), Pedro x2, Morata and Mendoza
  • Tottenham Hotspur – 5 goals total by Vertonghen, Dele, Moura, Kane and Trippier
  • Watford – 5 goals total by Pereyra x2, Gray, Deeney and Hughes
  • Bournemouth – 4 goals total by Fraser, Wilson x2 and Cook
  • Everton – 4 goals total by Richarlison x3 and Walcott
  • Liverpool – 4 goals total by Mane x2, Salah and Sturridge
  • Leicester City – 3 goals total by Vardy, Maddison and Doherty
  • Manchester United – 2 goals total by Pogba (P) and Shaw
  • Crystal Palace – 2 goals total by Schlupp and Zaha
  • Wolves – 2 goals total by Neves and Jimenez
  • Arsenal – 2 goals total by Mkhitaryan and Iwobi
  • Newcastle United – 1 goal by Joselu
  • Fulham – 1 goal by Mitrovic
  • West Ham – 1 goal by Amautovic
  • Southampton – 1 goal by Ings
  • Huddersfield – 1 goal by Gorenc
  • Burnley FC – 1 goal by Tarkowski

What Impression has the Past Few Weeks Given you Regarding Ranking?

Taking into consideration how all of the squads are performing so far, what are your opinions on which side appears to be the strongest and weakest this season? Who do you predict will be in the running for the trophy this season going by their recent successes? And could there be a dark horse who could come from behind and win it all? Get in touch with us over on our social media pages where we can chat to you about all things soccer. There you will be able to engage in football related topics and conversations with a range of supporters across the globe who share the same passion as you.

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This article has been written exclusively for Soccer Box by Loren Astbury