Manchester City Home Soccer Jersey 2013 - 2014The 2013 2014 Premier League has been a battle from beginning to end. Over the course of the season Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City have all been strong contenders and taken turns as favorite to take the top spot. Unlike last season the race for the trophy has gone down to the final match. Ultimately, the team wearing the Manchester City home kit seemed to be in the strongest position but what happened on match day?

Unlike the rest of the season the final week matches all kicked off at the same time on the last day on the season. Sunday 11th May at 3pm was the date and time. The Manchester City home shirt 2013 2014 would get its final use against West Ham at the Etihad Stadium. Manchester City went into this match with a 2-point lead, only a draw was needed to secure Premier League victory.

A Season of Success

Liverpool would face Newcastle United at home, but could only take the title if Manchester City lost. Chelsea and Arsenal were out of contention for the title and were safely placed as 3rd and 4th, and guaranteed of Champions League football next season. The last time the Manchester City home kit met the West Ham football kit at the Etihad stadium the result was 6-0 in favor of the home team. In the 2013 2014 season alone Manchester City have scored 12 goals against West Ham, and conceded only 1.

With statistics like those, Manchester City went into the game as firm favorites to win and take the Premier League trophy for the 2nd time in 3 seasons. Prior to 2012 Manchester City had not won the topflight English football league trophy since 1968. With the investment of the Abu Dhabi United Group, and over a billion pound spent in player transfers since 2008 Manchester City is now enjoying its greatest ever period of success.

The Manchester City home shirt 2013 2014 has been the football shirt of a winning team this season. Nike took over as the kit manufacturer for Manchester City this season, in a deal worth £12 million per year. The latest home football shirt is a classic design in the team's sky blue color scheme with blue and white trim. Why not celebrate this memorable season and order your 2013 2014 football shirt from Soccer Box now while stock is still available.

As well as being a great looking kit, the Manchester City home kit for 2013 2014 has led the team to some fantastic wins. On home soil Manchester City has been practically unbeatable this season, and had a truly remarkable goal difference going into the final game of the season. Prior to kickoff against West Ham Manchester City had scored 100 goals, whilst only conceding 37. As well as chasing the Premier League trophy they were also looking to beat Chelsea's 2009 2010 season record of scoring 103 goals in a single season.

The Final Hurdle

Many of Manchester City's goals have come on home turf with some strong wins including a 7-0 win over Norwich and 6-0 win over Spurs earlier in the season. Manchester City was not going to settle for a draw over West Ham. The players wearing the Manchester City home shirt 2013 - 2014 took control of the game retaining much of the possession. Shot after shot was fired at the West Ham goalkeeper, with the home team determined to leave no doubt as to their right to lift the Premier League trophy.

Nasri put the home side ahead after 39 minutes to shouts of jubilation from the home crowd. 1-0 at half time was not enough though; captain Vincent Kompany added a 2nd 4 minutes into the 2nd half. The final whistle blew with the score-line at 2-0. Manchester City may not have beat Chelsea's 103-goal record, with 102 goals for the season but they are crowned as Premier League champions 2013 - 2014.

For Vincent Kompany, who wears the number 4 Manchester City home kit, winning the Premier League was a spectacular moment. He scored the final goal of a truly memorable season. It may have gone down to the last game of the season, but was there really any question that Manchester City would not succeed?

2013 2014 will go down in history as one of the most exciting seasons in the history of the English Premier League. Tonight will be all celebrations at the Etihad Stadium as the players, management, staff and fans relive the 2013 2014 Premier League season and their team's victory.

The Manchester City home kit for the 2013 2014 season just became a piece of history, a true collectors item.