When full time had officially elapsed in Saturday's French Cup Final, the result declared PSG Coupe de France 2015 Champions. The result also meant that Paris Saint Germain had made French football history. Never before has the same team won the French Ligue 1 title, the Coupe de la Ligue, the Trophee des Champions, and the Coupe de France all in the same season. However, Paris Saint Germain have accomplished the feat-a fact that makes their splendid 2014 2015 soccer season one for the books.

The wearers of the PSG football shirt topped Auxerre in the May 30th Coupe de France final, winning the match 1-0 to secure the fourth and final trophy of their season. Had it not been for FC Barcelona, they may have been shooting to make their historic soccer season even more historic at next weekend's Champions League final. Instead, they'll have to settle for an unprecedented feat in French football. Not a bad consolation prize.

The Four Trophies

PSG's 2014 2015 reign of glory began the better part of a year ago with the Trophee des Champions. That title was decided on August 2nd, 2014, in a match against Guingamp that the Parisians won 2-0. It was the start of a remarkable campaign for the team that has now concluded, quite fittingly, with a Coupe de France title.

PSG Home Shirt 2015 - 2016However, even without the Trophee des Champions, the season would have been an unforgettable one for fans in the PSG jersey. After all, no French club has ever won the full domestic "treble" (the Ligue 1 title and both of the cups) in the same year.

First up, Paris Saint Germain had to defend two consecutive first-division titles, and for much of the season, it looked like they would fall short. Indeed, it wasn't until week 30 of the 38-week season that the Parisians ascended into first place. Before that, the lead had been held by Olympique Marseille, and later by league runners-up, Olympique Lyon. However, with a record of 24 wins, 11 draws, and just three losses, PSG were able to win a third Ligue 1 title.

Around the same time that they took the lead on the Ligue 1 table, the Parisians also sealed their second straight Coupe de la Ligue trophy, beating Bastia 4-0 in the April 11th final.

The Coupe de France

With the Trophee des Champions, the Coupe de la Ligue, and the Ligue 1 titles under their belts, the Parisians turned their attention to the last of the series: the Coupe de France.

This is the trophy that has eluded PSG most in recent years. They last won it in 2009 2010, beating Monaco in extra time to take the title. Last year, when PSG won the other three domestic trophies, they still missed the Coupe de France by miles, losing to Montpellier in the round of 32.

Needless to say, it was with cautious hope that Paris Saint Germain and their fans approached the May 30th final of the 2014 2015 Coupe de France. A victory would mean achieving something that no other team in French football history has done; a loss would mean missing the achievement, by inches, for the second year in a row.

Luckily for PSG fans, the former scenario ended up being the reality.

Donning the PSG away shirt 2014 2015, and heading out on the pitch at the Stade de France to take on Ligue 2 club Auxerre, the Parisians set a new gold standard for French football, PSG Coupe de France 2015 Champions, and quadruple trophy winners.

Surprisingly, the game wasn't a runaway victory for PSG. On the contrary, Auxerre put up a good fight, and nearly scored the first goal of the match on an attack from midfielder Frederic Sammaritano. The first half ended in a 0-0 draw, but Edinson Cavani-PSG's overall leading scorer for the 2014 2015 season-ultimately broke the stalemate with a 64-minute goal.

So what's next for Paris Saint Germain now that they've concurred the French soccer world? They'll play for the International Champions Cup this summer, and shoot for a fourth-straight Ligue 1 title next season. However, fans should expect to see the Parisians make a concentrated effort at winning the Champions League next year. PSG have never won a Champions League title (or even made it to a final), so that's certainly the next step for this football club that seems to get better every year.

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