Prior to a rousing victory in the 2012 2013 season, the Paris Saint Germain Football Club hadn't won France's Ligue 1 title since 1994. In fact, before last year, PSG only had two Ligue 1 titles to its name. After the current season, however, the PSG football shirt will be the first to be associated with back-to-back Ligue 1 wins since Lyon's seven-season dominance came to an end in 2009.

Indeed, it's been another banner year for the Paris Saint Germain team. With 37 games played so far (out of Ligue 1's traditional 38-game season), PSG has won 26 of them and drawn 8. That leaves the team with only two losses, which is nearly unheard of across an entire season. With only 1 game left to play PSG cannot be knocked from the top spot this will make the Paris Saint Germain home shirt 2013-14 an even bolder sign of glory than the 2012-13 jersey was.

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The Start of a Winning Streak

What's not to love, either with the Paris Saint Germain home shirt 2013-14 or with the PSG team as a whole? It's been a huge year for the French soccer club, and the team's domination of Ligue 1 has many fans wondering if this could be the beginning of a league-wide domination that could last for years to come.

Once again, the last team to win consecutive tournaments was Lyon another team that seemingly came out of nowhere after having not enjoyed much success in Ligue 1. In fact, prior to the start of its dominating streak in 2002, Lyon had never clinched a Ligue 1 title. The team went on to win seven of them in a row, and with the momentum and skill Paris Saint Germain has shown these past two seasons, many are wondering if we are in for a similar streak of soccer success from them.

Seasonal Successes

Regardless of what happens in the future, however, it has been an impressive season for the Paris Saint Germain team, and the Paris Saint Germain home shirt 2013-14 will almost undoubtedly go down as a symbol of one of the best years in the team's history.

In fact, in addition to putting on a strong enough performance to win France's Ligue 1 for the second time in as many years, Paris Saint Germain has also done well on the international stage. The team won its group in the early rounds of the UEFA Champions League tournament, earning the right to advance to the knockout stage.

There, the PSG football shirt continued to be the mark of an immensely talented soccer team. In the round of 16, Paris Saint Germain handily defeated Bayer Leverkusen, winning 4-0 in the first leg and 2-1 in the second to earn a spot in the quarterfinals.

In the next round, it looked as if Paris Saint Germain would continue its rise to the top of international football. In a stirring home match that functioned as the first leg of the Champions League quarterfinals, PSG toppled its challengers from England, Chelsea soccer club, in a decisive 3-1 bout.

Unfortunately for PSG fans, the Chelsea players came back with a vengeance in the second leg, using their own home field advantage to beat Paris Saint Germain 2-0. That brought the aggregate score to 3-3, and Chelsea won the right to advance on the basis of away goals.

That Champions League loss was a tough one for Paris Saint Germain, but considering the team's all-but-decided victory in France's Ligue 1, we're guessing they aren't too disappointed, and you shouldn't be either!

With how much promise this team has shown lately, there is no doubt that the PSG football shirt is going to make another appearance at the Champions League next year, and when it does, you are going to want to be ready. So stop by Soccer Box today and pick up a PSG jersey of your own.