Nike and Paris Saint Germain are more or less opting not to mess with a good thing, with the design of the PSG home kit 2015 - 2016. In the past three years the French club have won three Ligue 1 titles, one Coupe de France, two Coupe de la Ligue titles, and two Trophee des Champions titles. No one wants to break the soccer team's glorious streak of luck and good fortune, and with the latest design of their home shirt, no one will.

Small Design Tweaks

The new Paris Saint Germain home kit-which Nike launched in late May, as the 2014 2015 campaign was closing out-boasts the same navy blue color that has characterized PSG's home kits in recent years. The elements that have changed slightly are the color lines that run down the center of the shirt. Last year, two thin stripes of color-one white and one red-ran vertically from the neck of the shirt down. The year before, there were two broader boxes of color in the middle of shirt-white on the top, red on the bottom.

The PSG home shirt 2015 2016 tweaks the design very slightly once again with a bold stripe of red running down the center shirt and with thin white stripes on either side. Historically, this design has actually been Paris Saint German's traditional home jersey aesthetic. Since the 2015 2016 season will mark the 30th anniversary of PSG's first title in the French Ligue 1, now seems like an appropriate time for the club to return to a more traditional look.

Shorts and Socks

Beyond the slight tweaks in the jersey itself, the 2015 2016 Paris Saint Germain home kit hasn't changed much from what it was last year. The football shorts for the outfit are still navy blue, as are the socks.

With that said, the shorts for the 2015 2016 home kit aren't quite identical to what they were for the 2014 2015 uniform. Where last year's shorts were more or less just standard navy blue soccer shorts (with the Nike swoosh on the left leg and the PSG logo on the right), the 2015 2016 shorts are a little more unique. The Nike and PSG logos are back, and in the same spots they were with last year's shorts. Now, though, a vertical stripe of slightly lighter blues runs down the side of each leg.

The socks for the 2015 2016 PSG kit, meanwhile, are more or less the same as what they were last year: blue soccer socks with grey coloring on the feet.

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Now is the perfect time to be a Paris Saint Germain fan, following the club's impressive treble victory (plus a Trophee des Champions) during the 2014 2015 campaign. Next year, the Parisians will be gunning for their fourth straight Ligue 1 victory.

Furthermore, since the team have now thoroughly conquered French football, they will undoubtedly be setting their sites on continental success in 2015 2016. Despite all of their domestic success, the Parisians have still never in their history won a UEFA Champions League or Europa League title. Wins in the now defunct UEFA Intertoto Cup and UEFA Cup Winners' Cup are the football club's only titles on the continental circuit. Could 2015 2016 be the year where that finally changes?

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