Last season, PSV Eindhoven celebrated 100 years since it first came to be. While the season did not prove to be the best in Eindhoven's history, ending with the club in fourth place on the Dutch Eredivisie league table, it was a celebratory one for fans PSV Eindhoven Kids Away Shirt 2014 - 2015and players alike, simply given the major time milestone. This year, that celebratory tone seems to be persisting, and it's the great-looking PSV Eindhoven football kit 2014 that is keeping PSV's extensive club heritage in mind.

Soccer Box has a small selection of PSV Eindhoven team gear for fans of the squad to choose from. In addition to the adult home jersey, an awesome Nike shirt with red and white vertical stripes, we also have stock of the PSV Eindhoven kids away jersey 2014 2015. The shirt offers a nice balance of traditional design and modern pizzazz, with a predominantly white body, but with eye-catching blue trim and a snazzy blue and grey color collision on the left sleeve.

Kids will love this youth-geared PSV Eindhoven football kit 2014, which is a perfect and comfortable replica of the jerseys that PSV Eindhoven's players will be wearing on the soccer pitch throughout the upcoming Eredivisie season. Soccer Box also has youth sizes available for the 2014 2015 PSV Eindhoven home shirt.

The Star System 

With 101 years under its belt, PSV Eindhoven is one of the longest standing football clubs in the Netherlands. It's also a club with a tradition for excellence, and in more ways than one.

When your son or daughter pulls on the PSV Eindhoven kids away jersey 2014 2015, he or she will likely remark on the two golden stars stitched on the left breast of the shirt. The stars indicate league titles, of which PSV Eindhoven has 21 (in Dutch soccer). Clubs get to wear one star badge on their jerseys for every 10 titles they win.

Currently, PSV is the second best team in Eredivisie in terms of titles and stars. Ajax has 33 titles, meaning that the club's players wear three stars on their jerseys nowadays. Ajax has won the league four years in a row and is considered the frontrunner for another title in the 2014 2015 season.

Still, the significance of the two stars on the PSV Eindhoven kids away jersey 2014 2015 cannot be understated. While Ajax is alone in Dutch football in getting to wear three stars, PSV is the only club to wear two stars. Only two other clubs in the entire Dutch soccer scene have won more than 10 titles: Feyenoord (14) and HVV (10).

The latter has not won a title since the Eredivisie was created and is far from the top of the sport, sitting currently in the seventh tier of Dutch football. Feyenoord, meanwhile, has not won a title since the 1998 1999 season. In other words, both clubs are far from joining PSV in the two-star club.

PSV's history with the star system is even more notable than just getting to wear two stars. After winning a 20th Dutch soccer title in 2007, PSV was the club to suggest the star system in the first place. It is because of PSV, then, that Dutch clubs get to wear a star for every 10 titles they win.

A Training Ground for the Greats

PSV Eindhoven's tradition for excellence can be glimpsed in more than just the stitched stars that players wear on their jerseys, however. Indeed, while the club is not currently home to as many stars as some of the best clubs in the English Premier League or the Spanish La Liga, PSV is known as a training ground for world class players.

For instance, Arjen Robben, a World Cup star for the Netherlands this summer, spent part of his early career honing his skills at PSV. The great Brazilian striker Ronaldo also came into his own at PSV, playing one of the all-time great seasons in 1994 1995 when he scored 35 goals in 36 appearances.

Is there a new Arjen Robben or Ronaldo among the current squad at PSV? Only time will tell, but you can support all of the club's current players by stopping by Soccer Box today and purchasing a PSV Eindhoven football kit 2014!