24th July 2015
Last year, Real Madrid's away jersey was one of the most eye-catching uniforms of any football team, a vibrant pink design that stood as a thoroughly unique entry in the club's ever-changing away shirt series. This year, the Vikings have gone a completely different route with the Real Madrid away kit 2015 - 2016, opting for a muted silver-gray design with fluorescent yellow striping. Real Madrid officially launched the new kit in June, and the design is now available for purchase on the Soccer Box website.

Silver Glory

According to Real Madrid's website, the choice to use silver-gray as the color for this year's away shirt was Real Madrid Away Kit 2015 - 2016 Adidasnot a random one. Instead, the color of the new jerseys is meant to evoke "the tone Silver Glory," as a way "to honor the color of the trophies that Real Madrid have won throughout their history as well as those that are still to come."

It's easy to see why the Vikings would want to pay homage to their own trophies with the Real Madrid away shirt 2015 2016. The football club didn't win many trophies during the 2014 2015 season, coming remarkably close in both the La Liga and the Supercopa de Espana, but losing the former to Barcelona and the latter to Atletico Madrid.

Real Madrid Away Shirt 2015 - 2016Real were also unable to defend their 2013 2014 titles in the UEFA Champions League and the Copa del Rey. They bowed out of the UCL in the semifinals, after a loss against Juventus, and lost to Atletico in the Copa del Rey round of 16.

The Vikings did clinch both the UEFA Super Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup during the 2014 2015 campaign, so the season wasn't trophy-less. However, it was something of a disappointing year for fans, and Real Madrid President Fiorentino Perez even showed his disappointment by sacking coach Carlo Ancelotti. 2015 2016 will be the soccer club's first year with new manager Rafael Benitez at the helm, so it's fitting that the Real Madrid away kit 2015 - 2016 pays tribute to the team's trophy-winning success. What better way to start off a new chapter than by evoking the triumphs of previous chapters?


While the new silver-gray Real Madrid away shirt probably won't catch eyes quite as easily as the 2014 2015 pink design did, it's still undeniably striking. Kit manufacturer Adidas has done a great job of maintaining a design uniformity for Real Madrid jerseys over the years, even as the football club's away Real Madrid Away Kit 2015 - 2016 Imageshirt has shifted from dark blue to black, to light blue, to pink.

This year's away jersey is, stylistically, still quite similar to the bright blue away kit from 2013 2014 and the pink shirt from 2014 2015. The white shoulder striping of those two jerseys is traded here for fluorescent yellow stripes that add some much needed color to the jersey, while last year's button collar is replaced with a crew neck design that aligns with the 2013 2014 kit. The other elements of the jersey, meanwhile-the Fly Emirates brand name, the Adidas logo, and the Real Madrid club badge-are still in the same positions that they have occupied on past away kit designs.

The Real Madrid away shirt 2015 2016 certainly boasts a more subtle design than the colorful kits we've seen from the Vikings in the past two years. Some fans might be disappointed by this, considering the fact that Real's white and black home shirts are about as simplistic and spartan as football kits come. However, trust us when we say that the fluorescent detailing on this new soccer shirt looks impressive in person, and the silver-gray color of the rest of the jersey is far from drab.

If you want to see for yourself what Real Madrid's new away kit look like up close, stop by Soccer Box today to make a purchase!