Cristiano Ronaldo is known to us as one of the most skilful footballers on the pitch today, he is the one of the highest paid soccer players to play the game and he plays for his nation Portugal and his club team Real Madrid.

The Cristiano Ronaldo soccer jersey is one of the most sought after shirts, particularly by young children who idolise the Portuguese player.

Ronaldo, full name Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro is a 28 year old footballer who was born in his hometown Portugal.

He started playing football at the age of eight, he played for Andorinha who were a local amateur team, and his father was the kit man at the club.

Ronaldo was really in to the game as a young lad, i bet he never dreamt of seeing himself in the Cristiano Ronaldo 7 Real Madrid home soccer jersey 2013 - 2014.

Unsurprisingly Cristiano Ronaldo was spotted and after two years moved on to local team Nacionale and in his debut year won the title.

The 28 year old was getting a great feel for professional football and after a season with Nacionale he signed for Sporting Lisbon, a much bigger, more professional football club.

Due to his powerful skill and outstanding form, Ronaldo played for the Under 16's, 17's, 18's, B-team and first team all in one season.

Soon clubs from all around the world were interested in the forward including some from the Premier League, England's most competitive league.

One team who seemed first in line to sign him were London club Arsenal, Ronaldo was invited to the famous training ground to meet Arsene Wenger and the rest of the backroom staff.

Due to disagreements on the wage and price of the player Arsenal and Sporting Lisbon let the discussions fizzle out.

Not long afterwards Sir Alex Ferguson, former Manchester United manager showed an interest.

The club went on to sign Ronaldo for a sum of £12.5 million in 2003.

The Portuguese star went on to become a favourite with the fans and showed just what he was made of. He scored on his debut in his Cristiano Ronaldo soccer jersey to give him the confidence boost he wanted.

It was not up until 2006 when Ronaldo really surprised us with his outstanding football skill.

That season he set the record with 20 league goals all season. He became a legend inside Old Trafford and became even better the season after.

During the 2007-2008 season Ronaldo scored a total of 31 league goals in 34 games, this certainly got other manager's heads turning.

Cristiano did well the season after but not as good as the year before, he scored a tally of 18 goals in 33 appearances in his Cristiano Ronaldo soccer jersey, these goals do not include all of his cup goals.

In June 2008 Ronaldo had expressed his desire to move to Spanish club, Real Madrid but in the end he confirmed he would be staying with the Reds for at least another season.

Ronaldo's dreams were to come true in the year of 2009 as Real Madrid made an outstanding offer of £80 million pounds for his services, this happened not long after he made it clear once again that he wanted to play in a Cristiano Ronaldo soccer jersey for Real Madrid.

Even though Ronaldo decided that he wanted to take on a completely different challenge he spoke well off his former manager Sir Alex Ferguson. He said to the press "He's been my father in sport, one of the most important factors and most influential in my career."

Ronaldo played in his Real Madrid shirt for the first time on 21st July 2009, he did not score this time but one week later he scored a penalty for the Spanish giants. He soon became popular with the Madrid fans, particularly young supporters.

At first Ronaldo played in the number 9 shirt, he ended up netting 26 goals in 29 appearances. Ronaldo and Gonzalo Higuain played together that season and were a great partnership together.

Once Real Madrid legend Luis Figo left the club Ronaldo was handed the number 7 shirt, this seemed to be a good thing for Ronaldo as he smashed in 46 league goals in 38 appearances that season. He became a firm favourite at Madrid and people idolised him.

The 2012 - 2013 season saw him score 34 goals in 34 appearances and this season so far he has scored 17 goals in 14 games in the Cristiano Ronaldo 7 Real Madrid home soccer jersey 2013 - 2014.

He has become one of the most well-known players in the world and has been nominated for next year's Ballon' Dor award.

Many are hoping that Ronaldo will take the limelight from Lionel Messi at this year's award ceremony as the Argentine has won the award four times in a row to date. The 28 year old deserves the award after all his hard work and commitment to Real Madrid.

The club will be hoping that Ronaldo will never get that desire to move to another club like he did for them; after all missing Ronaldo would make a big gap in the team.

Are you a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo's football skills?

Do you think he is better than Lionel Messi ?

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