So far, 2015 has been somewhat of a mixed bag for Real Madrid. On one hand, the Spanish football club is still sitting atop the 2014 2015 La Liga standings table. The club's star player, Cristiano Ronaldo, also just won FIFA's Ballon d'Or Player of the Year Award for the second year running. On Real Madrid Home Shirt 2014 - 2015the other hand, the Vikings were eliminated from the 2014 2015 Copa Del Rey in the round of 16-and by their crosstown rivals from Atletico Madrid, no less. Show your support for the soccer squad and hope for more consistent success going forward with a brand new Real Madrid kit!

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Real Madrid Football Kit

The Copa Del Rey

The early exit from the Spanish Copa Del Rey, or "King's Cup," is especially disappointing given the fact that Real Madrid won the tournament last season. Indeed, the Vikings crushed Osasuna in the round of 16 and bested Espanyol in the quarterfinals to reach a berth in the semis. Needless to say, football fans in the Real Madrid kit were ecstatic.

The victories against Atletico Madrid-not only a crosstown rival, but also the eventual winner of the 2013 2014 La Liga division-were probably the most satisfying moments of last year's King's Cup for fans. After all, there's nothing like a 3-0 home win and a 2-0 away victory, played back to back, to assert one Madrid football team's dominance over the other.

Still, the championship match was a thrill as well. There, Real Madrid came up against the other best soccer team in Spain, Barcelona-and came out on top, winning 2-1.

The 2014 2015 Copa Del Rey

Those three notable victories gave fans ample reason to believe that the wearers of the Real Madrid home shirt 2014 2015 would be back to defend their Copa Del Rey title in 2014 2015. And a Champions League victory last spring, plus a dominant performance in this year's La Liga, only furthered that expectation.

At Real's first fixtures of the 2014 2015 King's Cup, it certainly looked like momentum was on the team's side. In the round of 32, they claimed both legs against Cornelia, winning 4-1 (away) and 5-0 (at home) to earn a slot in the round of 16.

But an oddly organized draw brought the Vikings up against Atletico Madrid in the round of 16, and suddenly the club's chances in the tournament looked suspect. After all, while Real may be at the top of the La Liga standings table-and while they may have beaten Atletico in several cups and tournaments last year-that doesn't mean either soccer team has a clear advantage over the other.

The Madrid Rivalry

On the contrary, looking at the head-to-head history between the two squads, it's clear that fans in the Real Madrid kit have more than a few reasons to fear their crosstown rivals.

Atletico beat Real in the Super Cup last August, and has been one of the few clubs to manage a win against the Vikings during the 2014 2015 La Liga season. To say the rivalry between these two Madrid squads ever tilts strongly in one direction for long would simply be incorrect.

Unfortunately for Real Madrid, the odds were not in their favor this time around. Atletico won the first leg of their Copa Del Rey match-up, using the home field advantage to clinch a 2-0 victory. It wasn't a huge loss for the Vikings, but it was enough to torpedo their momentum.

Ronaldo and company looked weaker than usual when they donned the Real Madrid home shirt 2014 2015 and headed out on the pitch for the second leg. Atletico's Fernando Torres scored one minute into the game, and then again one minute into the second half. Real fought hard enough to secure a 2-2 draw, but they were still eliminated from the 2014 2015 King's Cup.

The Copa Del Rey elimination is disappointing, but it isn't the end of the world. After all, the Vikings still have potential football trophies in La Liga and the Champions League to look forward to! Root for their chances with a new Real Madrid kit from Soccer Box! Whether you are looking for a 2014 2015 home shirt, or a pink Adidas away kit, we've got it in stock.