The just-completed 2013 2014 season will likely go down in history as one of the greatest in Real Madrid's history. Despite the team's failure to win or place second in the Spanish La Liga division (Real Madrid ended up at third on the table), 2014 will forever be enshrined in the team's annals for marking the 10th time that the Real Madrid football club was able to manage a victory in the UEFA Champions League. It's a record-breaking accomplishment that Real Madrid has been striving toward since the last time it won the trophy, in 2002, and it's one that will hopefully propel the team to get back out on the pitch, perhaps wearing the Real Madrid sweat top 2014 2015, for practice.

Of course, the Real Madrid players won't be reporting for team practice just yet. Many of them are off to Brazil to represent their respective national teams in the FIFA World Cup. However, before we know it, the summer will be winding down and the players will be back in Spain, throwing on the Real Madrid training kit, and going back to work. You can adopt the same practice-makes-perfect attitude with a training kit of your own! Even though the La Liga season is still months away, 2014 2015 items are available at the Soccer Box online store right now.

One of those items is the Real Madrid sweat top 2014 2015, a classic white tracksuit top with black stripes along the sleeves (a trademark courtesy of Adidas) and splashes of red that match the Real Madrid uniform. The top is what you will see Real Madrid players wearing next season during pre-match warm-up sessions (as well as what you won't see them wearing during behind-closed-doors training sessions). In short, with one of these jackets from Soccer Box, you can really look like part of this Champions League winning team.

Real Madrid Training Kit

Aiming for an Even Better Season

Last year was a good one for Real Madrid fans, players, and investors alike, but with room to improve in the La Liga standings, the team will undoubtedly be hoping for an even better season in 2014 2015. In addition to improving La Liga positioning, Real Madrid is also likely hoping to defend its title at the Champions League and bring the overall trophy count to 11. After weathering a draught of Champions League wins that lasted from 2002 to this year, Real Madrid is undoubtedly eager to win two in a row to "make up for lost time," as it were.

Just how much damage the Real Madrid football club can do next season, both in La Liga play and UEFA competition, will be determined largely by how much time each team member spends in his Real Madrid training kit, out on the field honing his skills as an individual and a team player alike.

Real Madrid at the World Cup

The good news is that most of Real Madrid's star players won't be falling out of practice before next fall. Where most summers bring periods of much-needed rest, they also can leave players' skills feeling a bit rusty when practice resumes and seasonal play begins.

This year though, most of Real Madrid's best players will be playing soccer in Brazil. That fact will ensure that many of Real Madrid's stars have no rust to shake off when they return to Madrid and don their Real Madrid training kit to work toward a 2014 2015 team dynamic.

12 different Real Madrid players will appear on the football pitches of Brazil this summer, collectively representing seven different sides. Real Madrid has players on each of the top five ranked teams (based on FIFA's world rankings, including Spain (Ramos, Casillas, and Alonso), Germany (Khedira), Brazil (Marcelo), Portugal (Coentrão, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Pepe), and Argentina (Di Maria).  In addition, Real Madrid also has players representing France (Varane) and Croatia (Modric). Needless to say, Real Madrid fans will have plenty to pay attention to with the 2014 World Cup.

Ultimately, though, the World Cup will eventually come to a close and club football will begin anew, and when it does, you will want the Real Madrid sweat top 2014 2015 to support your favorite team! Find it today on Soccer Box.