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Over the years Barcelona FC has not only become the most successful club in Spain but a symbol of the Catalonian people and Catalan culture. The red and blue stripes of Barcelona soccer jerseys can be seen through the streets of the capital of Catalonia, even on days when the team isn't at home, or playing at all. You can find your own Barcelona merchandise including youth jerseys, football shirts and more right here at Soccer Box.

The Birth of the Catalan Champions

While FC Barcelona currently enjoys the title of most successful club in Spain, they weren't always as well regarded as they are today. In fact, when they were founded just over 100 years ago, most Spanish nationals refused to even support the team, seeing them as rebels or outsiders thanks to their Catalan heritage. Barcelona's slow crawl to the top took over a century, but after 110 years exactly, the IFFHS ranked Barcelona first in the All-Time Club World Ranking.

From humble beginnings in the late 1890s, FC Barcelona started out as nothing more than an ad placed in a local Barcelona newspaper by one man expressing desire to form a football club. In 1902 the club enjoyed its first major tournament victory, and by 1909 their fan base had outgrown their stadium. Today Barcelona enjoys a popularity scarcely matched by any team for any sport in the world, requiring Barcelona Baby Clothes and kit of all sizes to accommodate its massive amount of fans.

While it was still in its fledgling years, FC Barcelona came under attack during the Spanish civil war in 1938. Bombs fell through the streets of Barcelona, laying waste to the FC Barcelona club's offices and sparking a conflict that resulted in Catalonian occupation by Spanish forces. Throughout the conflict the team remained resolute, providing its fans with the entertainment and joy they so desperately needed in their darkest hour.

Barcelona Takes on the Champions League

Currently, FC Barcelona is participating in the Spanish Liga BBVA, as well as the UEFA Champions League. Sitting comfortably at rank three in Liga BBVA, fans are confident that the team has what it takes to top La Liga rankings again this year. The team has instead shifted their focus to dominating the Champions League and is currently first in Group H with four wins, one loss and 13 points in six games.

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Currently in the group stage, there are still many games to be played in this year's Champions League. Still FC Barcelona is giving it their all, as is expected from Spain's top team. In addition to the Champions League games, there is one more event on the horizon for Barcelona that has their attention: El Clásico.

Undoubtedly the largest sporting event in Spain, the clash of longtime rivals FC Barcelona and Real Madrid is set to take place this April at the Copa del Rey final round. Barcelona fans are expected to turn the streets into a sea of red and blue stripes as the two teams duke it out in one of the most anticipated national football matches in recent history. Barca fans are hopeful as they seem to have the advantage in this particular matchup, having won Copa Del Rey 26 times in the past, but Real Madrid looks to be the toughest opponent they've faced since the last year's El Clásico.

This season is turning out to be an exciting one for fans of F.C. Barcelona. Though they may not be leading La Liga this year, Barcelonistas remain hopeful that their favorite team can secure the Champions League as well as La Liga. You can find Barcelona soccer jerseys, socks, and shorts to show your Barcelona team spirit at the Soccer Box shop.