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Ribery's World Cup Journey

Fans who do decide to wear the Ribery 7 France 2014 FIFA World Cup home shirt in support of the French team this summer will be aligning themselves with one of the more interesting progressions in World Cup football.

When Ribery was selected for the France World Cup team in 2006, there was certainly evidence that he was a talented player, but he was a largely unproven player. A brief and near-disastrous tenure at Galatasaray ended when Ribery asked FIFA to invalidate his contract with the team over unpaid wages and physical threats he had received from the team's director.

While FIFA ultimately ruled in Ribery's favor, the controversy brought a lot of negative press against the winger for supposedly "betraying" his team. Galatasaray also tried to contest the ruling, but the appeal was quickly dismissed by the Court of Arbitration for Sport, and Ribery was allowed to move to Marseille.

After a successful first season at Marseille, Ribery was invited to wear France soccer jerseys as part of the national team. At the 2006 World Cup, he acquitted himself admirably, starting in six of the seven matches that France played, and helping his team make it to the championship match. France lost to Italy, of course, but Ribery was one of the most notable stories of the tournament, and his success caught the attention of numerous football clubs throughout Europe.

In 2007, Ribery moved from Marseille to Bayern Munich a team for which he still plays to this day. He's done well at Bayern, so well that he has accumulated more than 60 goals in his time there. His success was such that, when he returned as winger for the French World Cup team in 2010, he was no longer an unproven commodity, but one of the best players in the game.

Ironically, Ribery's increased skill and stardom did nothing to help France improve upon its 2006 performance. In fact, the French team failed to win a single game in 2010, losing to Uruguay, Mexico, and South Africa, and being eliminated from the competition.

Better Luck in 2010

If this year is to be the last time that Ribery dons his France soccer jerseys in a World Cup event, then the question is whether or not his performance will be better than the strong precedent he set for himself in 2006.

Over the years, Ribery has struggled with injuries, but 2012 2013 was one of the best in his career, marked by accolades from FIFA, UEFA, and Germany's Bundesliga. In other words, he may still be running on the momentum that France needs to win a World Cup or at very least, perform better than in 2010.

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