Star Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo may not have made much of an impression at this year's World Cup, hampered somewhat by a knee injury that kept his goal count to one and kept the Portugal national team from progressing past the group Ronaldo 7 Real Madrid Away Jersey 2014 - 2015stage. However, there is little doubt that Ronaldo will be back up to top form by the time the 2014 2015 La Liga season begins on August 23rd, and fans are preparing for his triumphant return by stocking up on Ronaldo football shirts.

At Soccer Box, we already have stock available of the Ronaldo 7 Real Madrid away jersey 2014 2015 that Cristiano Ronaldo will wear next season at Real Madrid's away matches. The shirt is part of a new look that the entire Real Madrid football team will be trying out next season, trading the club's traditional blue or purple away kit colors for a vibrant new pink design.

Of course, the kits are still made by Adidas, meaning the expert craftsmanship of previous Real Madrid kits will remain for the 2014 2015 season. And of course, the cristiano ronaldo jersey still features the name and jersey number, 7, for Real Madrid's most famed forward.

Ronaldo's Real Madrid Legacy

Anyone wondering why Cristiano Ronaldo is considered one of the greatest players in soccer today and indeed, as one of the greatest players of all time need look no further than his impressive statistics at Real Madrid. Since joining the La Liga football club in 2009 (as a transfer from Manchester United), Ronaldo has averaged more than a goal per game.

Very few players are consistent enough to score at least one goal per game, but Ronaldo's statistics show that he is just that talented. The average holds true whether you break his Real Madrid play down into just La Liga season matches (where he's made 165 appearances and scored 177 goals) or look at every match he's played with the team, including cup and continental play (246 apps and 252 goals, total).

It isn't difficult to see why the Ronaldo 7 Real Madrid away jersey 2014 2015 is an incredibly popular item on Soccer Box, or why Real Madrid fans and officials are praying for Ronaldo to recover from his current knee injury in time to play at 100 percent in La Liga.

Looking Back at the 2013 2014 Season

Real Madrid was able to make do with an injured Cristiano Ronaldo at the end of last season. Ronaldo will usually appear in the vast majority of La Liga season events. In the 2011 2012 season, he played in all 38 games, leading Real Madrid to a top-of-the-table season title with 32 wins, 4 draws, and 2 losses. Due to his injury, he only played in 30 matches in 2013 2014, missing a few in the final weeks of La Liga contention.

The absence of the Ronaldo football shirts may have been part of the reason that Real Madrid only finished in third on the La Liga table, trailing behind Atletico Madrid and Barcelona. Still, Ronaldo led the team in league goals (31), and still served as a secret weapon in both cup and continental play, scoring another 20 goals to lead Real Madrid to wins in both the Copa del Rey and the UEFA Champions League.

If the statistics from Real Madrid's 2013 2014 season prove anything, it's that even on only one good knee, Cristiano Ronaldo is still better than most other soccer players in the world. Even so, Real Madrid will be counting on its star player getting back to full health for the upcoming La Liga season, and with the better part of two months to rest before he first dons the Ronaldo 7 Real Madrid away jersey 2014 2015, Ronaldo should have no trouble recovering.

Do you think that Real Madrid can win La Liga this year, or at very least, defend its Champions League title? If so, Soccer Box has the Ronaldo football shirts you need to express your team spirit.