Since Senegal gained independence from France in 1960, there have been 12 World Cup tournaments. The Senegal national soccer team has only appeared in one of those global soccer competitions, a 2002 berth where the team shocked the world by Senegal Home Shirt 2014 - 2015upsetting several teams and making it all the way to the quarterfinals. This year, fans won't see many Senegal football shirts at the World Cup, as the team missed World Cup qualification for the 12th time.

With that said, though, Soccer Box still has stock of the Senegal home shirt 2014 2015 that the Senegal football team will be wearing as it shoots for qualification and domination in the Africa Cup of Nations. The home shirt is a simplistic white Puma kit, with small splashes of red, yellow, and green colors that reflect Senegal's flag and overall heritage.

Soccer Box's selection of Senegal football shirts also includes the 2014 2015 away shirt that the team will be trading off with its home shirt next season. Fans looking for a bit of extra color will love this particular jersey, which retains the elegant design of the home shirt but drenches it in a jade shade of green.

Senegal Football History

While fans won't get a chance to put on their Senegal home shirt 2014 2015 this summer and root for their team in Brazil, that doesn't mean that the Senegal national football team has a dour history in soccer. On the contrary, in its relatively brief timeline, the Senegal team has made numerous marks in the annals of history.

If the team lacks something, it isn't solid team rosters and strong, consistent performances, but championship titles. Just as Senegal has never managed to attain a World Cup title a feat that, to be fair, no African team has ever accomplished the soccer team has also never won an Africa Cup of Nations.

That hasn't been for lack of trying, though. In 2002, Senegal players battled through an array of teams to reach the championship match, drawing Cameroon 0-0 in regulation time, but ultimately ceding the match and the Cup to their opponents in a penalty shootout. That runner-up finish was Senegal's best-ever result at the Cup of Nations, though the country has also landed a number of semifinal and quarterfinal finishes over the years.

Recalling the 2002 The World Cup 

Fortunes seemed to be shifting for the players in the Senegal football shirts in 2002, when the FIFA World Cup in South Korea and Japan brought the Senegal team to the world stage for what was really the first time.

In that particular year, Senegal was drawn into one of the most challenging groups on the docket, with France, Uruguay, and Denmark. France were returning from a victory at the 1998 World Cup, while Uruguay had two World Cup titles under its belt. Virtually everyone in the soccer world was betting on France and Uruguay to progress and Denmark and Senegal to make up the numbers.

Then, in a shocking turn of events, the exact opposite happened. In the first match of the group and Senegal's first World Cup match ever the African team toppled the French defending champions with a score of 1-0. The game set the theme for the group, with France failing to win a single match (or score a single goal) and promptly being eliminated from the Cup. Senegal, meanwhile, finished with draws to both Denmark and Uruguay, earning itself a place in the knockout round while Uruguay was eliminated from contention thanks to a loss against Denmark.

Senegal was ultimately eliminated from the World Cup in the quarterfinals, losing to eventual third-placers Turkey, but another win in the round of 16 (against Sweden) made the team one of the biggest stories of the Cup. It's a story that continues to be told to this day, and one that will follow the Senegal home shirt 2014 2015 through every match next season.

Will Senegal qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations this year, and will the team ever find its way back to the World Cup? Soccer Box can't answer these questions, but we can offer stock of Senegal football shirts for next season!