It hasn't been the easiest week for the Chelsea soccer club. By most accounts, the London-based team has had a solid season. The players in the blue Chelsea football shirts are sat in third place on the standings for England's Premier League for much of the season, and even managed to make it to the semifinals of the UEFA Champions League before being eliminated from contention by Atletico Madrid.

Still, the 2013 2014 season is all but over at this point, and with contracts at an end for three of the team's most seasoned professionals Ashley Cole, Frank Lampard, and John Terry it isn't currently clear who will be back next season to wear the Chelsea home football shirt. Soccer Box already has next season's shirts in stock.

New Jerseys, New Team

The new Chelsea football shirts for the 2014 2015 campaign are darker and bolder than those from the current season, with subtle striping that underlays the same sponsor logos of Samsung and Adidas that were previously seen on the 2013 2014 shirt. The new jerseys come to Soccer Box as the last vestiges of the 2013 2014 season drift off into the ether.

In fact, the next time players from the Chelsea football club take the pitch at their home ground of Stamford Bridge, they will be wearing the Chelsea home jersey 2014 2015. This season's team played its last home match on Sunday, May 4 against Norwich City, a game that ended in a draw and signified the end of Premier League hopes for the Chelsea team.

The fact that Chelsea was not defeated by Norwich City has assured the team slot in the group stage of next year's UEFA Champions League tournament. However, since Norwich City is widely regarded as an inferior team, the draw did nothing to help Chelsea in the Premier League standings, and will likely leave the team in third place for the season when all is said and done.

In other words, it's a disappointing end to a mostly invigorating season, both for fans and players alike, and it could influence whether or not core players like Cole, Lampard, and Terry opt to sign new contracts, head to other clubs for the next stages of their careers, or hang up their soccer cleats for good. The decisions that the three players make regarding their contracts could impact greatly how much promise the Chelsea Home Jersey 2014 holds for a brighter endgame finish next year.

A Long Summer

Still, while fans are waiting on bated breath to see if three of their most revered players will be back for another season, it's entirely likely that signing new contracts is not the first thing on the minds of Lampard, Cole, and Terry right now. All three players will head to Brazil this summer as part of England's national soccer team, and all are undoubtedly ready to turn their focus to bringing a World Cup trophy back to Britain for only the second time in history.

Right now, Terry and Cole are reportedly both in talks with Chelsea to reprise their contracts, though no further information has been given on whether they will be back in the Chelsea football shirts next season. Currently, Terry is the team's captain and Cole is a respected left-back, so losing either would be a blow to the Chelsea team. Both players are 33 years old.

Lampard, meanwhile, is the big question mark. As the vice captain of the team and the all-time leading goal scorer in Chelsea's history, Lampard is arguably the key cog of the Chelsea football club. However, at 35 years old, it's possible that Lampard is weighing retirement as one of his options.

Fans will have to wait to see whether or not three of their favorite players will be back next season. However, with or without Lampard, Cole, and Terry, the show must and will go on, and fans will want to have their Chelsea football shirts ready for when it does. Stop by Soccer Box today to start stocking up on 2014 2015 gear.