Serie A is a widely supported and adored Italian soccer league which is where team’s like Juventus, AS Roma, AC Milan and Inter Milan compete to lift the trophy. The beginning of the 2018/19 season is just around the corner and three of the top four clubs have already launched their home jerseys. With the coming weeks enabling us to see the rest of the shirts from the teams. 

Fan’s are always waiting on the edge of their seats to see what the manufacturers are producing next for the core sportswear ranges. So within this post we will look through the Juventus, AS Roma and Inter Milan shirts which are already released. This will give you a preview on what they look like and how they compare to last seasons. 

Juventus Home Kit

Again for this season the signature monochrome stripes of Juventus return on their home jersey. However, compared to the previous shirt, the stripes on this one are much wider and only appear on the torso of the garment. This therefore leaves the sleeves a plain white which is a stylish update to all over look seen before.

The neckline of the top has also been adjusted slightly. Previously the neck was a rounded crew and now they have adjusted the shape to a v-neck. As well as this, the three stripes of Adidas have been moved. Last time they appeared along the side of the torso, but now they are located across the top of the shoulders. 

And finally, the application of the accents has been updated. The Adidas logo which is woven to the right of the jersey is now featured in white needlework which fits better with the monochrome colour scheme when compared alongside the gold threading used before. The sponsorship logo for Jeep is in white again, however there is a black stripe behind it making it stand out more than last time.

AS Roma Home Kit

One of the most prominent changes between the AS Roma home shirt from 17/18 and 18/19 is the fact that the club now features a sponsorship logo. Qatar Airways have started a sponsorship contract with AS Roma as of the beginning of this season. For the past five years AS Roma has been without a sponsor and have been sporting a plain jersey, however this season sees a fantastic update to this.

Other than this feature, the basis of the shirt’s colouring remains the same to the previous season. A signature red base with orange accents is greatly adhered to here. To the right the Nike Swoosh is again seen in orange embroidery with the AS Roma crest to the left.

However, a subtle addition to the new 2018/19 shirt is the fact that the orange outlining to the neckline has been much more exaggerated. A wider strip around the crew neck in the shape of a V creates the effect of a v-neckline.

Compared to the other latest launches, this is most definitely the team which has stuck to their safe place by only updating minute detailing. However, we are interested to see what they do with their alternative sportswear ranges.

Inter Milan Home Kit

Inter Milan’s sportswear has been manufactured by the American brand – Nike. For 2018/19 they have definitely impressed the most by updating the look of most of their accents while still keeping to their signature style and flare. 

Keeping with their plain black sleeves, the famous blue and black stripes are seen across the torso and rear of the jersey in a much thicker version to last season. By having all of the lines in the same width it provides a smarter and more regimented look to the styling. 

As a subtle yet effective addition to the shirt, the bottom portion of the stripes contain a printed graphic. This is only seen prominently on the blue lines compared to the black. A print of a snake skin pays homage to the club’s nickname of ‘IL Biscione’ which translates to ‘The Big Grass Snake’.

Finishing off the design of this seasons Inter Milan home shirt, the Pirelli and Driver logos have been printed in white and the Nike Swoosh is embroidered in gold. By choosing these colours, the shirt has a much more classy appeal when examined against the yellow seen in 16/17.

What are Your Thoughts on the New Releases?

When it comes to looking at who has impressed the most, we would have to explore the effectiveness of the detailing changes made by each of the manufacturers. A common theme for all of the jerseys that have been launched, is there have been subtle changes to the design of the tops. And by them not taking any big leaps to switch the looks up a lot, it can be difficult to decided who did the best.

Out of all the tops discussed, Adidas has only manufactured one out of the three. For Juventus, they have kept to the classic stripes while expanding on the monochrome styling further into the appearance of the Adidas logo. Plus the three stripes of Adidas have been relocated.

Whereas Nike has also tried to keep to the team’s signature look. By the only updates to the AS Roma shirt being the addition of a sponsorship logo and the thickness of the orange neckline. And for Inter Milan they had adjusted the sizes of the lines and have also incorporated an awe of club pride by adding the print of a snake to the design of the top. 

Now we have had the chance to analyze the appearance of the new Serie A home jerseys for the likes of Juventus, AS Roma and Inter Milan, what are your thoughts on them? Who has, in your opinion, done the best job at introducing a fresh and new styling to the 2018/19 shirts? Let us know over on our social media pages where we will be more than happy to chat all things football! You can also visit our online store and grab yourself a bargain on the latest releases shown above.

This article was written by Loren Astbury for Soccer Box, shop with us for all the official 2018/19 Serie A football kits and merchandise.