Protecting parts of the body from injuries is a technology that was first used as long ago as the Middle Ages, when warriors used guards to protect themselves during battle.  Over the years multiple sports have used the same idea to give their players protection from injury. Soccer is one of today's modern sports where players use sports kit such as the Adidas Predator Club Blue Shin Pads to prevent injuries during training and whilst on the pitch. 

Shin pads have evolved from the ancient idea of a 'greave', this is described as armour specifically worn to protect the shin, it was often made from some kind of heavy metal such as bronze.

The first sport to recognise the need for body protection and introduce the use of shin pads was cricket, soccer followed their example in the late 1800s, however the guards worn were no where near as effective for sports use as items such as today's Adidas Predator Club blue shin pads.

When you shop for shin pads you will find they are available in various styles and sizes to suit differing requirements, they are an essential piece of soccer sports kit but need to be comfortable to wear.

Some simply slip inside the football sock protecting only the shin, others are secured using Velcro straps for a better fit, then there are more technically advanced versions for increased protection.

Engineered by Adidas the Predator Club blue shin pads feature built in ankle protection, a Velcro strap and are made from extremely lightweight material so they do not hinder the footballer during game play by being cumbersome to wear.

During contact sports such as soccer, hockey, rugby, baseball and lacrosse injury can occur due being hit by a ball or accidentally kicked by another player. The shin bone is one of the strongest in the body, it connects the knee to the ankle and bears approximately five times an individuals body weight whilst walking and significantly more during exercise.

Breakages to this bone are painful and the healing process is lengthy, regaining full sports fitness would take many months, obviously severely impacting upon star soccer players careers.

Wearing shin pads can provide a degree of protection to this important bone structure helping to prevent serious injury occurring.

Depending upon the sport they are intended for, the manufacturer and the design shin pads are made from a variety of different materials including plastic, polyurethane, foam rubber or fibreglass.

Layers of these shock absorbing materials spread impact from a ball or another players body, this means that instead of a potentially heavy impact in one area causing significant damage the impact is spread reducing the risk of injury and if injury does occur it should be less serious.

Whilst protecting the body shin pads should not get in a sports persons way or hinder their performance, hence the development and technology over the years resulting in today's high performance sports equipment.

Do you have a preferred manufacturer and style when you shop for your soccer equipment?

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