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After a monster 0-3 win over Basita, the Paris Saint Germain football club remains at the top of the pack in the French Ligue 1. Players and fans are looking for a repeat performance of the club's 25 win season last year. With striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic leading Saint Germain with an astonishing 23 goals this season, the team is looking to be in top form to sweep Ligue 1 yet again.

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A Look Back at the History of the Red and Blue Parisians

Though they are still one of the younger football clubs present in France, Paris Saint Germain has put on a great show for their fans in their first 40 years. Fan support grew exponentially after the red and blue dynamos showed Paris, as well as all of Europe what they are capable of by winning the UEFA Cup in 1996, and then the UEFA Intertoto cup in 2001.

Club mascot Germain the Lynx has always been around to show both fans and players the meaning of a good time, but when top-flight soccer clubs collide, things take a turn for the serious.  Every serious PSG fan knows Le Classique, a French football derby where Paris Saint Germain goes up against their age old rivals Olympique de Marseille in the biggest football event in France.

Fans turned out in droves for this year's " Le Classique", supporting The Parisians dressed in the classic red and blue club colors. It's not too late to get your very own Paris Saint Germain boys home shirt 2013-14 this season, delivered right to your door from Soccer Box.

Paris St Germain Takes Down Old Rivals for the Ligue 1 Top Spot

Last year, Paris St Germain went up against arch-rivals Marseille, ultimately securing their final triumph over their longtime nemesis by over 10 points. This year, much to the elation of PSG fans worldwide, the favored French soccer club brought the hammer down on their old adversaries, beating Marseille 2-0 and sending them down to the sixth place position in this year's Ligue 1 rankings.

Despite their growing lead, Ligue 1's top spot is all but uncontested. Marseille may no longer be in the running to knock PSG off their throne, but Monaco and Lille are neck and neck for the chance to be crowned kings of French soccer. Support your team with a Paris Saint Germain boys home shirt 2013-14 for the little PSG fan in your life, or pick up your own Paris Saint Germain merchandise right here at the Soccer Box shop.

The 2014 season is without a doubt one of PSG's strongest seasons to date. Catch your favorite team in top form at their next game, and show your support with a Paris St Germain shirt, jersey or tracksuit.