In July, Josep Maria Bartomeu was officially re-elected as the President of FC Barcelona, with more than half the votes (54.6 percent, to be exact) tallied in his favor. Now, the President has outlined his six-year vision for Barca football club.

Information about Bartomeu's six-year plan was posted on Barca's official website on Saturday, October 25th. In his speech about his vision for Barcelona's future, Bartomeu expressed his belief that the soccer club is currently "in fantastic shape." Those comments were backed up by Barca's winning performance on October 25th, which saw Luis Suarez scoring a hat trick to give the team a 3-1 win against Eibar. The win put Barcelona in second place in the 2015 2016, separated from Real Madrid's point leaders by nothing but goal difference.

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The Six-Year Mission

Bartomeu is clearly proud about how FC Barcelona have performed lately-particularly with the football club's treble victory during the 2014 2015 season. However, rather than luxuriating in the team's recent Barcelona Home Shirt 2015 - 2016triumphs, Barca's President laid out a plan to build upon those recent successes-both this season and in the future.

Specifically, Bartomeu reiterated the goals that he laid forth for Barca following the thrilling conclusion of the 2014 2015 season. He wants his football club "to compete for and win all the titles possible," "to strengthen the professional and amateur sections" of the club, to make a larger commitment to women's sports, and to build a new stadium with 100,000-plus person capacity. Right now, Camp Nou can hold 99,354 people-already considerably more than the 85,044 that can cram into Real Madrid's Santiago Bernabeu.

Beyond simple athletic achievement and sports team successes, Bartomeu also wants to continue to grow and enhance FC Barcelona's brand globally. Already, he said, the club has taken strides to become a leader in social media and communications and to establish philanthropic foundations around the world. The President especially wants to broaden the reach of the club's work with underprivileged children.

Catalan Independence

Bartomeu's speech touched upon numerous other topics as well, from the soccer club's booming income to Barca's controversial sponsorship deal with Qatar Airways. He even spoke about the recent fines that Barcelona Away Shirt 2015 - 2016FC Barcelona have received from the UEFA, in response to club supporters wearing or displaying the Catalan Independence Flag at games.

"This is an attack on a fundamental democratic right-the freedom of expression," Bartomeu said about the fines. "We've had enough and we will be appealing this all the way to the Human Rights Tribunal in Strasbourg if we have to."

Beyond the issue with the UEFA, Bartomeu did not speak at length about the fight for Catalan independence. If Catalonia does become independent from Spain, there's a good chance that FC Barcelona will no longer be able to compete in the La Liga. Such a shift would obviously drastically alter Bartomeu's six-year plan for the football club, but was still left largely un-discussed.

What about Messi?

Josep Maria Bartomeu also recently spoke out about the rumors that Lionel Messi might be ready to move to a different club. Messi, who has been consistently hounded by the Spanish government over old tax fraud accusations, has reportedly grown impatient with life in Spain. As a result, big rumors about Messi potentially transferring to a Premier League club have been all over the soccer new sites for the past few weeks.

Bartomeu has said that Messi and his father (who has also been charged with tax fraud) "don't imagine playing at another club than Barcelona." In other words, Bartomeu is convinced that Barca's brightest star will want to end his career with the club. Of course, that belief could be wishful thinking, too. After all, without Messi on the squad, the six-year vision for FC Barcelona would look a good deal different.

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