So what are the SK Rapid Vienna prospects for 2015 - 2016? SK Rapid Vienna (or SK Rapid Wien) are the
most successful club in the history of Austrian football. Since the first Austrian national championship in 1812-which Rapid Wien won, beating Wiener Sportclub to the top of the table-the soccer club has won 32 Austrian titles. They also clinched a German national championship in 1941, beating reigning champs Schalke 04 when Austria was under Nazi rule.

Yet, in spite of Rapid Vienna's prestigious history at the zenith of Austria's football circuit, it's now been seven years since the team ascended to the top of the podium. Indeed, the last time the Green-Whites lifted an Austrian national championship trophy, it was 2008. Thank the recent dominance of FC Red Bull Salzburg, who have won five of the past seven incarnations of the Austrian Bundesliga. But after a strong runner-up finish in the 2014 2015 league, could the upcoming soccer season be Rapid Vienna's chance to finally end their lengthy title draught?

Consistent Contenders

It's difficult to say whether or not the Green-Whites could be bound for the top of the table when they don the SK Rapid Vienna home jersey 2015 2016 for the start of another season in the Austrian Bundesliga. Part of the unpredictability comes from the fact that, despite their lack of soccer titles for the past seven years, Rapid Vienna never really fell off in terms of quality.

In 2007 2008, the last season in which Vienna won a title, they actually topped Salzburg to do so, winning with a tally of 69 points (Salzburg had 63). The next year, the Green-Whites actually had a better season, netting the same number of wins and fewer losses for a total of 70 points. Salzburg did better as well, though, and ended up clinching the division with 74 points.

Other years have followed a similar template.

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