1. Reviewing the Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    After the nail biting performance of the national teams during the international tournament earlier this year, the run up to release of the Euro 2020 schedules were greatly anticipated by fans worldwide. Therefore as earlier this week the fixtures and groupings for the UEFA European Championships Qualifiers 2020 were announced, we thought we would put this article together for our readers. This blog therefore covers how the groups have been drawn and who are expected to be the ones to beat.

    What the Euro 2020 Qualifying Groups Look Like

    In advance of the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament, the qualifiers are to take place in order to determine which 24 teams advance to the Championship. The qualifying tournament runs in addition to the brand new 2018/19 UEFA Nations Cup, which offers an alternative route to qualification for the 2020 tournament. Here is the breakdown of each country that is eligible for a place in the upcoming games and who they are playing against in their groups:

    • Group A – England, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Kosovo
    • Group B – Portugal, Ukraine, Serbia, Lithuania, Luxemburg
    • Group C – Netherlands, Germany, Northern Ireland, Estonia, Belarus
    • Group D – Switzerland, Denmark, Republic of Ireland, Georgia, Gibraltar
    • Group E – Croatia, Wales, Slovakia, Hungary, Azerbaijan
    • Group F – Spain, Sweden, Norway, Romania, Faroe Islands, Malta
    • Group G – Poland, Austria, Israel, Slovenia, FYR Macedonia
    • Group H – France, Iceland, Turkey, Albania, Moldova, Andorra
    • Group I – Belgium, Russia, Scotland, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, San Marino
    • Group J – Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Greece, Armenia, Liechtenstein

    Previous Winners of the Euros Championship

    Established in 1960, the UEFA Euros is going into their 15th tournament during 2020. This means that there have been a range of winners who have already fought vali

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  2. Everything You Need to Know About the Nations League 2018/19

    At the moment the national teams are currently battling it out on the football pitch to win the new Nations League trophy. And with the extra bonus of four places in the Euro tournament in two years’ time up for grabs, the anticipation to succeed in Nations League is high.

    As this is a very new tournament we wanted to put this post together to cover all of the need to know information about the ongoing games. From how the season is scheduled to who are the strongest teams so far, read below to find out all the latest info.

    What is the Nation’s League?

    The Nations League was first set-up in 2018 as an alternative way for national teams to acquire a place in the Euros, and replaced the current friendly matches for competition matches. This series of matches will take place every two years on the run-up to the next European league tournament.

    How the Nations League works is that all 55 national teams will be split into 4 leagues depending on their skill levels and successes. By having these matches tiered this way, it will make the games much fairer between the teams as they will be against similar performing clubs. Therefore, this eliminates any mishap with higher ranking teams pitted against lower ones.

    Then within these leagues they are split again into groups of 3 and 4. From here each country plays at home and away with their assigned competition. These matches have been scheduled to take place in September, October and November 2018.

    When the winners of each group have been decided, the top teams in B, C and D will be promoted and the lowest in A, B and C will be demoted. From here the clubs will play again until June 2019 where the top 4 teams from league A will fight for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place.

    Impact on Euro 2020

    In addition to establishing the top 4 teams in the Nations League, this tournament also gives the opportunity of 4 countries to win a p

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  3. The Euro 2016 Playoff: Which Four Teams Will Be Heading to the Finals?

    The qualifying group stage competition for the 2016 European Championship may have wrapped up on Tuesday, October 13th, but the battle isn't over just yet. Sure, 20 of the 24 teams that will make up the UEFA's big tournament next summer have already been decided. The remaining four slots, meanwhile, will be decided in a playoff between the third-placed football squads from each of the qualifying groups. That contest is set to begin on November 12th.

    The Competing Teams

    The question is, which four countries will be filling those last four slots? The third-placed teams from the Euro 2016 qualifiers include Turkey, Hungary, Ukraine, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Republic of Ireland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Slovakia. Turkey have already qualified for the 2016 European Championship, on the basis of being the third-place team with the best record in the qualifiers. The other eight teams, meanwhile, will battle one another for a chance to compete in France next summer.

    UEFA have already gone ahead and seeded the eight remaining teams for the playoffs. Seeding positions are decided based on the UEFA's national team coefficient ranking system. The coefficient system takes three factors into account, looking at how countries performed in the Euro 2016 qualifying competition, the qualifiers and final tournament for the 2014 World Cup, and the 2012 European Championship qualifiers and final football tournament.

    Based on these coefficient rankings, the national football squads from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Sweden, and Hungary are the favorites to progress to Euro 2016. Denmark, Republic of Ireland, Norway, and Slovenia are the "unseeded" pot two teams.

    Coefficient Rankings: Do They Matter?

    The question is, do UEFA's coefficient rankings actually matter? Can we reasonably expect the four "seeded"

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  4. Spain Bounce Back with Strong Euro 2016 Qualifying Performance

    A year ago, it looked explicitly like the "golden age" of the Spanish national team football was over. The team had not only failed to defend their 2010 World Cup title, but they'd also performed so poorly in Brazil that they were eliminated from the 2014 World Cup after just two group stage matches. An early loss in the Euro 2016 qualifiers (a 1-2 defeat at the hands of Slovakia last October) extended the Red Fury's struggles into another high-profile international event. Since then, though, Spain have been almost bulletproof on the soccer pitch-at least in the moments when it truly counted. The squad lost a friendly against Germany last fall and another against Euro 2016 hosts France this past March, but the Spain bounce back has resulted in the squad winning eight straight Euro qualifying matches.

    The Spanish national football team ends the qualifying competition with nine wins, one draw, and 27 points. Those numbers not only give the Red Fury an easy win in Group C but also one of the best records of any team involved in the qualifiers. Could it be possible for Spain to win a third consecutive European Championship title next year in France?

    The Forgotten Frontrunners

    It's easy to forget, considering Spain's dismal performance at last year's World Cup, but the soccer team still has de facto frontrunner status for Euro 2016. Not since 2004 has another country won a European Spain Kids Home Shirt 2014 - 2015Championship title. That year, Greece shocked the world by beating Portugal, Spain, Russia, and other more highly favored teams to win their first Euro trophy. Spain, of course, would go on to win the title in both 2008 and 2012, topping Germany and Italy, respectively, to do so.

    And yet, despite the

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  5. England Will Lead the Way in World Cup 2018 UEFA Qualifying Group F

    The England national football team may have had their worst-ever World Cup performance in 2014, but that fact likely won't matter at all when it comes time for the squad to start a qualifying campaign for the 2018 tournament. The Three Lions are the clear frontrunner in World Cup 2018 UEFA Qualifying Group F, and should have no problem outpacing the likes of Slovakia, Scotland, Slovenia, Lithuania, and Malta for the top spot and the WC qualification.

    A Rise from the Ashes

    Granted, England have made something of a 180 since last summer's World Cup in Brazil. After losing two of their three group stage matches-and drawing the third-the English side bowed out of the cup in 26th place (out of 32 teams). It was easily the worst FIFA finish in history for the Three Lions-who had previously bottomed out at 13th place, in the 2010 World Cup-and it left British soccer fans wondering whether or not their country would ever again be able to compete with the likes of Spain, Germany, Brazil, and Argentina on the world stage.

    The strong performance has not just made the wearers of the England away shirt 2014 2015 clear front-runners for Euro 2016, but it has also boosted their FIFA ranking to eighth in the world (and sixth among European teams). For good reason, the Three Lions are expected to be the frontrunner in the UEFA's World Cup Qualifying Group E-even if play won't commence for the qualifiers until September 4th, 2016.

    The Potential Spoiler

    If there's a team in Group E that could spoil England's World Cup hopes, it's Slovakia. While the English side has certainly seen a markedly larger number of FIFA cups (14) than Slovakia (just one, since breaking off from Czechoslovakia), the latter soccer squad could still pose a threat, if only based on Euro qualification round stats.

    Slovakia's run in the

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  6. The State of Euro 2016 Qualifying Group C

    In the qualifying competition for the 2016 UEFA European Championship, arguably no group has afforded us with more surprises and unexpected team performances than Euro 2016 Qualifying Group C. Spain 2014 World Cup Home Shirt(Group C consists of Spain, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Macedonia, and Luxembourg.) Predictions for the group were somewhat up in the air from very early on, largely because Spain's poor performance at last year's World Cup gave soccer experts pause in predicting the two-time consecutive Euro champions as the favorites for the group.

    Now, six games into the qualifying competition, Spain are doing better for themselves than many might have feared following their early World Cup elimination. However, the biggest story of Group C has to be Slovakia, who is just one of two teams in the entire qualifying competition that have won all six of their qualifying matches so far.

    Slovakia's Impressive Run

    Indeed, of the 53 teams currently vying for Euro 2016 qualification, only Slovakia and England can claim the impressive record of six wins, zero draws, and zero losses.

    Granted, most of the Slovakian national team's victories have not been huge, high-scoring fixtures: the Slovakia Home Shirt 2014 - 2015soccer squad's biggest win was a 3-0 triumph over Luxembourg, and the Spanish team actually has the higher goal difference in Group C, but Slovakia's surprising consistency cannot be overstated at this point. They even beat Spain head-to-head, defeating the reigning European Champions 2-1 in an October home game.

    The Slovakian side's winning streak has been something of

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  7. Team Fights for Slovakia Football Shirts to Appear in More International Tournaments

    2010 was a historic year for the Slovakia national soccer team. For the first time ever, the soccer collective managed to qualify for the FIFA World Cup a tournament that doubled as the second time that the white and blue hues of the Slovakia football shirts had appeared in an international tournament of any sort (with the first being the 2000 Summer Olympics). Unfortunately, the team was not able to repeat the feat this year, and will therefore not have a presence at this summer's World Cup.

    However, Slovakia is still fighting for more international recognition, and that will start with a push for qualification at FIFA's 2016 European Championship. As Slovakia prepares to fight for a Euro 2016 berth, the Soccer Box store is already ready for it. We have stock available of the Slovakia home jersey 2014 2015, one of the shirts that the Slovakia team will wear in its qualification campaign.

    These new Slovakia football shirts have the look of a team ready to break through to global recognition for the first time. The aforementioned home jersey is a comfortable Dry Cell Puma shirt that is white with blue trim. In addition to the Puma logo, the shirt boasts a number of badges and crests representing both Slovakia's soccer heritage and the country as a whole. The away shirt, meanwhile, inverts the colors so that blue is the dominating hue.

    A Campaign for Something More

    So when can you see the Slovakia home jersey 2014 2015 in action? As mentioned above, the shirt will be a prime piece of the uniform during the Slovakia team's campaign for Euro 2016 inclusion. Ever since Czechoslovakia broke apart in 1992, the Slovakia team has struggled to qualify for global soccer events, starting with the 1996 European Championships and persisting through now.

    This year, the Slovakia team players and their fans are hoping to subvert that unappealing trend. The first steps to do so will be made this September,

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