soccer shortsFootball kits for top flight teams all over Europe frequently change with each new season, with the official kits being quite expensive to purchase it is often more economical to support your team by purchasing last season's kit.  For example you can shop online now at Soccer Box and order your Porto Home Soccer Shorts from last season at a reduced bargain price. 

In the past soccer shorts were different to those worn as part of today's high quality professional sports kit. When team colours for clubs were initially introduced this just covered the jerseys and players wore whatever colour shorts they had.

Before 1900 shorts otherwise known as 'knickers' were required to cover the knees and were usually only in black, white or navy.

After 1904 the rules regarding 'knickers' covering the knees were reconsidered, and they gradually became shorter.

Over the years soccer shorts and socks have become integral parts of the football kit alongside the shirts, they now come in a large range of colours and are manufactured with technologically advanced fabrics designed to help enhance performance on the pitch.

Kit manufacturers bring out new designs each season, this freshens the teams look as well as bringing in revenue for the club as many supporters like to buy the team jersey of their favourite football club.

Where the home team shirts usually follow a colour theme, the designs change adding collars, or patterns within the fabric, the soccer shorts however often vary very little each season.

The Porto home soccer shorts from last season for example are navy blue in colour; they feature a white Nike Swoosh on one leg, and a Porto club crest on the other.

Manufactured by Nike the entire kit features Dri-fit technology, and are designed for performance on the football pitch.  They are also designed to fit perfectly and comfortably with an inner pant and drawstring waistband.

The new seasons home football shorts are designed in a royal blue colour, however this years away kit football shorts are strikingly similar the design of last season's Porto home soccer shorts.

Navy blue in colour you could easily get yourself a bargain and still look up to date by wearing last season's shorts with the new away jersey.  Wearing official merchandise with the club crest is a great way of showing your team support.

Whether you choose to shop for the latest soccer kit each season, or buy an occasional football shirt it is definitely worthwhile considering shopping around for last season's football kit and getting a bargain.

The jerseys and soccer shorts are often available up to half the price of buying a brand new kit as retailers are keen to sell off old stock to make way for the new ranges.

As a supporter many fans wear older kits, and retro shirts are extremely popular. Wearing your team's football kit is a great way of exhibiting your support.

Wearing last season's jersey or soccer shorts is an equally good way of showing support, and much more cost effective particularly for young children that grow quickly or when kitting out the whole family.

Do you think buying last season's football kit at a reduced price is good value?

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