La Furio Roja, or the Spanish national football team is once again headed for the venerated FIFA World Cup tournament this year in Brazil. This comes as no surprise to fans of the top ranked team in the world, as the Spanish Spain World Cup Away Jersey 2014national team has participated in thirteen of the previous nineteen World Cups, making them one of the most prominent teams in FIFA sports and possibly the most well regarded team in all of international soccer. They are currently ranked first in the FIFA World Football Rankings and second in the World Football Elo Ratings, so for The Red Fury and their fans 2014 is the year to flex their soccer muscles and show the world exactly why the Spanish national team deserves their lofty titles.

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Team Spain Gains Momentum for the 2014 World Cup

The most important thing a team can have going into an international sporting event like the FIFA World Cup is momentum, especially when they are playing in a foreign country, and team Spain looks to be in top form for heading to Brazil in June.  Having qualified at the top of their group La Roja will move into the World Cup proper as an undefeated team, with two wins and two draws.  When the Spain football shirt finally sees the light of day in this year's tournament, you can bet that even the highly ranked host country will be wary of these titans of the pitch.

Despite last year's loss to Brazil in the final round of the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup, Spain is confident that they will bring their A-game against their Brazilian rivals when it comes time to play them on their own turf. The Spanish national team will of course be employing their patented pragmatic Tiki-taka style of play at the World Cup, and are looking as strong and technical as ever as they practice for the upcoming tournament.  You can support your favorite national team with a Spain 2014 World Cup away jersey as they take to the field in Brazil and show the world why they are called the greatest team in international football.

An All-Out Brawl for the Most Venerated Title in Soccer

Spain and Brazil have long been at each other's throats in a battle over who will be named "Football Team of the Century". Both teams have exceptional records and trophy cases that would inspire envy in any other national soccer team, but only one nation can claim to be the home of the best football team in the world.  If things pan out as expected in this year's world cup, there is every chance that we will finally have a definitive answer to which of these two international powerhouses is truly the greatest team of the century.

Both Brazil and Spain have won a world cup event in the recent past, as well as their respective international tournaments; the European Cup was dominated by Spain in both 2008 and 2012, while Brazil took the 2004 and 2007 Copa America titles. If the two teams end up playing each other in the final round of this year's World Cup, it will be one of the most heated matches in football history.  You can find any fan of Spain from anywhere in the world wearing their Spain 2014 World Cup away jersey in an effort to show solidarity for the team they believe will triumph over South American top dog Brazil.

No matter what your allegiance, the 2014 World Cup is set to be an impressive display of the age old sport of football. You can pick up all your fan gear for the games including a Spain football shirt, socks, and kit from the Soccer Box store.