In the wake of a disastrous performance at the 2014 World Cup, the Spanish national football team will hope to find redemption next year in France. That's where UEFA will hold the 2016 European Spain Kids Home Shirt 2014 - 2015Championship, which is set to begin a year from June 10th. However, before they can defend their 2008 and 2012 Euro titles, the Red Fury will need to actually qualify for the upcoming UEFA event. Root for their efforts in 2015, with a brand new Spain kids football kit or adult shirt, available at Soccer Box!

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The UEFA European Championship

Regardless of which Spain kids football kit or adult 2014 2015 shirt you select at Soccer Box, you are likely anticipating Spain's Euro qualifying play this year. And for good reason the Spanish side has had a good history at the UEFA European Championship.

Unlike the World Cup, which Spain didn't win until 2010, Euro gave the country its first tournament title all the way back in 1964. Granted, back then the championship wasn't determined by a tournament, but by a single game. The Spaniards beat the Soviet Union team, at home, to claim the continental cup.

Still, while the Euro format has changed over the years, that 1964 win still counts toward Spain's total. In that case, the country's victory in 2012 was their third at the prestigious event-tying them with Germany for the most titles at the tournament. Grab a Spain youth home shirt 2014 2015 or adult away kit today, and root for the squad to win their fourth Euro trophy in 2016!

Recent Successes

Spain's second European Championship victory came long after the first one-44 years, to be exact. By the time the squad won again, in 2008, they were entering a golden age that would also include a 2010 World Cup trophy and another Euro win in 2012. For good reason, many have argued that this era of the Red Fury was the greatest soccer team in history.

The Spanish run in 2008 was perfect. The squad won all three of their group stage matches (beating Russia, Sweden, and Greece), and then toppled both Italy and Russia in the knockout stages, en route to the final. The trophy match pitted the Spaniards against Germany-a fixture they won 1-0 to claim the trophy.

Things weren't nearly as perfect in 2012, but fans in the Spain kids football kit and adult away shirt still had plenty to be happy about. After a 1-1 draw against Italy in the first game of the tournament, the Red Fury rallied to beat Croatia and Ireland, and to win their group.

After that, the Spanish side was unstoppable. They beat France 2-0 in the quarterfinals, sent Portugal packing with a nail-biting penalty kick shootout in the semifinals, and crushed Italy 4-0 to defend their title.

Defending the Title

When Spain won the 2012 European Championship, they became the first team in tournament history to successfully defend their title. That's right no other soccer squad has ever won consecutive Euro tournaments.

That fact alone may make the Red Fury's chances at a third consecutive win look like a long shot. Kids in the Spain youth home shirt 2014 2015 shouldn't count the Spaniards out just yet. The squad is currently in second place in their qualifying group, behind Slovakia. With six games left to play, though, Spain could still jump into the lead. Tune into their next qualifier, a home fixture against the Ukraine, on March 27th.

Furthermore, the Red Fury will be looking to prove something in 2015, after failing to reach the knockout stages at the 2014 World Cup. Root for their qualifying campaign today with a new Spain kids football kit or adult shirt from Soccer Box! Whether you prefer the red home kit or the black and gold away shirt, you can find it here.