After a lengthy wintertime hiatus, the Spanish national football team is gearing up and getting ready for a March 27th home fixture against Ukraine. The match will not only be the nation's first football game of 2015, but it will also resume qualification play for the 2016 European Championship. The Spaniards, Spain 2014 World Cup Home Shirtof course, are in the hunt for their third consecutive Euro title this time around, and the qualifiers are the first step on that road. Root for the team today, with a Spain national team jersey from Soccer Box.

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The Qualifying Rounds so Far

Given Spain's status as two-time reigning European Champions (for both 2008 and 2012), the country is the frontrunner by default for the 2016 incarnation of the UEFA event. However, after the squad hit a rough patch in 2014-exiting the World Cup after the group stage-no one is quite sure what to expect from the soccer squad at Euro next year.

If there's apprehension in the Spaniard football camp, it's not because of the squad's performance so far in the qualifiers. On the contrary, the wearers of the Spain national team jersey are in good standing in the qualifying round so far, holding down second place in UEFA Qualifying Group C.

So far, the Spaniards have played four of their 10 qualifying games in Group C. They've won three of those (beating Macedonia, Luxembourg, and Belarus) and lost the fourth (against Slovakia). Slovakia leads the group with four wins and zero losses.

The good news for fans in the Spain home shirt 2014 2015 is that their national team has worked up an impressive +10 goal difference rating. Their three qualifier wins so far have all been big victories, like a 5-1 home victory over Macedonia, or a 4-0 away win at Luxembourg. Indeed, their goal difference rating is higher than that of any other team in the tournament right now (with the exception of England, who also have a +10). That fact should help Spain to surpass Slovakia on the Group C standings table, so long as they continue winning games.


Next up for the wearers of the Spain national team jersey is a March 27th home fixture against Ukraine. The Ukrainian squad is the only team in Group C that the Spaniards have not yet played. The team is also in third place on the standings-and with a record of three wins and one loss, has the same point total as Spain. The Spanish side has the edge, of course, based on goal difference, but the head-to-head battle between the nations should make for an exciting bit of football nonetheless.

History favors Spain in the fixture. The Spanish soccer team has gone head-to-head with Ukraine on three relatively recent occasions. Their most recent meeting came at the 2006 World Cup, where Spain flattened the Ukrainian side 4-0 in their first game of the tournament.

Before that, the Spaniards and the Ukrainians met in 2003, in another European Championship qualifying round. The two teams tied 2-2 in a Ukraine home fixture, but Spain won 2-1 with the home field advantage on their side. Ukraine ultimately missed qualification to Euro 2004; Spain did not.

In other words, fans in the Spain home shirt 2014 2015 have the odds on their side for the upcoming March 27th battle between these two nations. With that said, though, the Spanish national team is still reeling from last year's World Cup elimination, and could likely use some extra fan support for the match.

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