The Red One, The Spanish FuryÂ… no matter which name you choose, every football fan knows and respects the Spanish National Football Team. There is just no disputing their unmatched tenacity as an international football team, boasting a nigh unbelievable 73 international titles both in senior and youth leagues. This year Spain will be returning to the World Cup for another attempt at taking home the most sought after trophy in sports.

Spain's traditional red and gold soccer jerseys are what originally gave birth to their string of fearsome nicknames. The Red Fury might just be the most accurate description this team has received, as the team is easily one of the most feared and respected teams in the world. Now you can purchase your own official Spain soccer jerseys, shirts, and more at the Soccer Box store, and show your support as the number one team in the world makes a bid to keep their coveted trophy.

A Look Back at Footballs Most Prolific National Team

Born in 1920 with the intent of winning the Belgium Olympics that year, the team of Spanish international rookies played valiantly, beating their first opponents but eventually losing to the home team of Belgium.  But just when they thought their Olympic dreams had been cut short, a disqualification allowed them back into the fray, where they beat out Italy to win Silver in their first international tournament.

Even in their earliest days, the Spanish National Team thrived off the support of their fans. Pick up your own Spain anthem track jacket, jersey or tracksuit today and join fans across the globe in cheering on your favorite team at the next big international sporting event.

Due to political and wartime strife in the area, the Spanish national team was unable to participate in any landmark events until the 1950s World Cup Qualifiers. With a new team and a renewed thirst for victory, the Spanish nationals launched the earth shattering campaign that made the Spain soccer jerseys the most easily recognizable in international sports. Since then, they have been considered one of the best international sports teams to ever exist, currently holding FIFA's top ranking spot going in to the next tournament.

Spain's Modern Football Empire

Aside from being the top performing team in the world, the Royal Spanish Football Federation plays hosts to a number of other football organizations, including the national youth teams. Together they make up the biggest, most syndicated football empire in the world, with millions of fans tuning in to games taking place across the globe. Fans of The Spanish Fury turn out to their games by the thousand, sporting their team's colors, as well as the stylish Spain anthem track jacket, available now at the Soccer Box shop.

After winning the 2010 FIFA World Cup, even the team's biggest opponents must admit that Spain is a force to be reckoned with. The squad is looking to be in top form for this year's games, and they have to be, given the sheer tenacity of their competition. Fans and onlookers from other teams will be able to see what they have in store for the 2014 World Cup when they headline the warm-up tournament taking place this May in the United States.

Preparing to Defend the Title

While the Spain national team readies itself for the road to Brazil, you can gear up to show some team spirit with a Spain anthem track jacket or jersey for the kickoff game.  Recently, fans have been expressing their overwhelming confidence that Spain will take home the World Cup yet again, and they have no reason to think otherwise. The Spanish national team is the first and only team to ever win three consecutive continental championships, clinching the Euro 2012 tournament.

Team captain Iker Casillas is eager to lead his team to international victory once more. Voted the tournaments best goalkeeper, Casillas has not let the Golden Glove go to his head, saying instead that he prefers to stay humble as to not overestimate his abilities. With an attitude like that, you can be sure he is pushing his team extra hard in the days leading up to the kickoff of the 2014 World Cup.

The time is fast approaching for fans across the globe to don their Spain soccer jerseys and show their support for the greatest team to ever take to the pitch. Check out the Soccer Box shop to pick up all your favorite Red Fury merchandise.