1. Predicting the Outcome of World Cup 2018 UEFA Qualifying Group G

    The Spanish national football team essentially crashed and burned at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, and they aren't exactly setting the world on fire in the qualifying rounds for the 2016 European Championship, either. However, in spite of Spain's recent struggles on the global soccer stage, the Red Fury still have enough built-up respect and notability to remain the frontrunners in their World Cup 2018 UEFA qualifying group G.

    Group G also consists of Italy, Albania, Israel, Macedonia, and Liechtenstein-Spain should have little trouble qualifying for a spot in Russia in 2018. The Red Fury haven't missed out on World Cup qualification since 1974, and have typically been a consistent fixture in the knockout stages of the prestigious FIFA tournament. 2014, which saw Spain eliminated after two group stage losses, was the country's worst-ever performance in WC competition.

    Out of Gas?

    Still, while Spain certainly have

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  2. Spain Lead Euro 2016 Qualifying Group C: Can they go on to Win the Tournament?

    Ever since last year's World Cup, the narrative with the Spanish national football team has been that they are experiencing a decline. The squad's dismal performance in Brazil-where they were partially expected to win a second straight World Cup title, but were instead eliminated from tournament contention after just two group stage fixtures-plus the retirement of numerous key players, left Spain looking weak. Indeed, going into the 2014 World Cup, Spain were at number one on FIFA's world rankings list; today, they've dropped down to 11th, surpassed by Germany, Argentina, and even England. But recent fixtures have seen an improvement in performance as Spain lead Euro 2016 qualifying Group C, is this an indication of a rise back to prominence?

    Ironic Underdogs

    As the qualifying competitions began for the 2016 European Championship, it seemed as if the Spain

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  3. The State of Euro 2016 Qualifying Group C

    In the qualifying competition for the 2016 UEFA European Championship, arguably no group has afforded us with more surprises and unexpected team performances than Euro 2016 Qualifying Group C. Spain 2014 World Cup Home Shirt(Group C consists of Spain, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Macedonia, and Luxembourg.) Predictions for the group were somewhat up in the air from very early on, largely because Spain's poor performance at last year's World Cup gave soccer experts pause in predicting the two-time consecutive Euro champions as the favorites for the group.

    Now, six games into the qualifying competition, Spain are doing better for themselves than many might have feared following their early World Cup elimination. However, the biggest story of Group C has to be Slovakia, who is just one of two teams in the entire qualifying competition

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  4. Can Spain Retain the European Championship Title in 2016?

    In 2008, the Spain national football team won their first UEFA European Championship title since 1964. In 2012, after winning a World Cup two years earlier, they won it again. The trio of international victories handily established the Spanish national team as the best in the world. More than that, though, the triumphs created a fairly compelling argument that this modern incarnation of the Spain national team was the greatest football squad ever assembled. But, can Spain retain the European Championship title in next year's Euro 2016 tournament?

    A Fall from Grace

    But time changes everything. Since their last Euro victory, Spain have fallen out of the top spot on FIFA's world rankings (they are currently in 10th, behind France and in front of Switzerland). The fall from grace is due almost solely to Spain's disastrous run at last summer's World Cup in Brazil. Rather than

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  5. Spain Manage a Victory over Ukraine in Euro 2016 Qualifying Game

    The Spain national football team has been in something of a decline ever since their early shock elimination from the 2014 World Cup. The football squad is staying alive in the qualifying rounds for UEFA's 2016 European Championship, and notched their first competitive win of 2015 on Friday in a home game against Ukraine. But is the Red Fury still one of the dominant forces of global football? Will they have a shot at defending their two consecutive European Championship titles next year in France? Only time will tell, but you can help the team by showing off your support with a new supply of Spain soccer apparel.

    Whether you are looking for jerseys or jackets, you can find all the official apparel you could want for the Spanish squad at Soccer Box! Get warmed up with a presentation jacket and tracksuit, or look like one of your favorite players with the Spain away jersey 2014 2015. The most recent versions of both the official home jersey and away jersey are currently selling at

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  6. Spain Prepares to Continue Euro 2016 Qualifying Play in Late-March Game with Ukraine

    After a lengthy wintertime hiatus, the Spanish national football team is gearing up and getting ready for a March 27th home fixture against Ukraine. The match will not only be the nation's first football game of 2015, but it will also resume qualification play for the 2016 European Championship. The Spaniards, Spain 2014 World Cup Home Shirtof course, are in the hunt for their third consecutive Euro title this time around, and the qualifiers are the first step on that road. Root for the team today, with a Spain national team jersey from Soccer Box.

    Soccer Box has several versions of the official Spanish jersey in stock, including the Spain home shirt 2014 2015 that players wore in last year's FIFA World Cup. An attractive Adidas shirt featuring red and gold color, this home jersey is currently available for

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  7. Spain Shooting for Redemption at the 2016 European Championship

    In the wake of a disastrous performance at the 2014 World Cup, the Spanish national football team will hope to find redemption next year in France. That's where UEFA will hold the 2016 European Spain Kids Home Shirt 2014 - 2015Championship, which is set to begin a year from June 10th. However, before they can defend their 2008 and 2012 Euro titles, the Red Fury will need to actually qualify for the upcoming UEFA event. Root for their efforts in 2015, with a brand new Spain kids football kit or adult shirt, available at Soccer Box!

    Whether you are shopping for your kids or for yourself, Soccer Box has the Spanish football gear you need. Kids will love the Spain youth home shirt 2014 2015, a miniaturized version of the red Adidas home kit that Spaniard football players will be wearing during qualifying fixtures

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  8. Spanish Football Fights to Regain Top Slot in European Championship 2016 Qualifying Group C

    The Spain national football side will play one more competitive game in the calendar year of 2014: a qualifying round fixture with Belarus. The outcome of the match is expected to swing in Spain's favor, given the team's current status as two-time Spain 2014 World Cup Home Shirtconsecutive reigning European Champions. However, after a loss back in September against Slovakia, many are wondering if the Spain football kit 2014 and the players wearing that kit have what it takes to win a third title in a row.

    The doubts about Spain's chances aren't all that surprising, given the team's fairly dismal performance at this summer's World Cup in Brazil-another football event at which the Spaniards were the defending champions. Still, high scoring wins in other Euro 2016 qualifying matches (against the likes of Macedonia and Luxembourg) are

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  9. Spain Adidas Football Jersey Now Available!

    The Spanish national football team may not have done well at the 2014 World Cup, but the group will have ample opportunity to make up for that with the forthcoming 2016 European Championship. Qualifiers are underway for Euro 2016, and fans of Spain Kids Home Shirt 2014 - 2015the Spanish national side will want to have the right gear ready to support their squad. Luckily, Soccer Box still has stock of the Spain Adidas football jersey from this summer's World Cup, and best of all, the shirt is currently available at a discount!

    That's right: Soccer Box is currently offering official Spanish national football team gear for exciting discount prices. The sale rates don't apply to player-specific jerseys for the likes of Xavi,

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  10. Spain Soccer Kit 2014 Finds Redemption in Early Euro 2016 Qualifying Match

    Things didn't work out that way, of course. Spain suffered crushing losses against teams from both the Netherlands and Chile in the first two matches of the group stage. The defeats made it impossible for Spain to make a comeback, which meant that the defending World Cup champions were eliminated from the tournament before the group stage was even finished.

    Luckily, Spain has another chance to shine brightly. Qualifiers for the 2016 European Championship are now underway, and despite the crushing World Cup disappointment, Spain will nonetheless contend for its third consecutive Euro title. You can support the Spanish team through these qualifying rounds by stopping by the Soccer Box online store and picking up a Spain home shirt 2014 2015!

    Spain Soccer Kit

    The 2014 Spain Soccer Jersey


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