German football fans thought that they had suffered through a lengthy mid-winter break in competitive play. While the Bundesliga's mid-season break this year was a long one-spanning from the third weekend of December to the last weekend of January-the Russian Premier League has been on hiatus Spartak Moscow Home Shirt 2014 - 2015for much longer. This weekend, the Russian football division will make its return after three months away, and fans in the Spartak Moscow jersey are more than ready for things to get underway once more.

Spartak's Red-Whites are currently in sixth place in the 2014 2015 Russian Premier League-the same position in which they finished last season. With 13 games still to be played during the spring portion of the season, the club will be looking to improve that position and push into the top five-if not into the top three. You can help their campaign today with a brand new Spartak Moscow home shirt 2014 2015, available at Soccer Box!

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The 2014 2015 Russian Premier League

Regardless of which version of the of the Spartak shirt you choose to purchase and wear, make sure you have it ready by this Saturday, March 8th. That day will see the Red-Whites making their long-awaited return to competitive play, with a home fixture against Krasnodar.

As the Red-Whites don the Spartak Moscow home shirt 2014 2015 and prepare to take on Krasnodar's Black-Greens, they will be doing so with a 2014 2015 Russian Premier League record of eight wins, five draws, and four losses. That's a solid season, though it still leaves the squad 12 points back from the division leader (Zenit St. Petersburg, with 13 wins, two draws, and two losses).

In other words, the wearers of the Spartak Moscow jersey probably aren't headed toward a 2014 2015 Russian Premier League title. Still, with a strong run in these final 13 fixtures, the Red-Whites could certainly make a pretty substantial leap up the table. After all, it was only three years ago when the club was finishing in second place in the division, just one game back from St. Petersburg.


Hopes for such a climb up the standings table could either be given credence or entirely dashed during Saturday's home fixture with Krasnodar. The last time the Red-Whites and the Green-Blacks played one another, back on August 14th, Spartak walked away with their biggest defeat of the entire season.

That 0-4 away loss didn't hurt Spartak Moscow's momentum too much a week later, they had bounced back and beaten crosstown rivals, CSKA Moscow. Still, as players prepare to put on the Spartak Moscow home shirt 2014 2015 and play a long-awaited rematch against Krasnodar, that unsavory four-point defeat will undoubtedly be on their minds.

The good news is that Spartak hasn't lost a game at home all season. All four of the team's losses have come at away fixtures. Furthermore, the last competitive football match that the team played-on December 8th, against Ural-was a home victory with a 2-0 score.

Add the fact that the Red-Whites have fared well this season against the most highly ranked clubs in the division, and Krasnodar's fourth-place position shouldn't scare the club. After all, in addition to their defeat of CSKA (the current second-place team), they've also beaten Dynamo Moscow (third) and drawn fixtures with Zenit St. Petersburg (first) and Lokomotiv Moskova (fifth).

Can the Spartak Moscow win their home fixture this weekend? Will they begin a steady ascent to the top of the 2014 2015 Russian Premier League table? We'll find out soon! In the meantime, you can show your support for the football club with a brand new Spartak Moscow jersey from Soccer Box! The 2014 2015 home shirt and away jersey, both made by Nike, are available, as are past designs of the soccer shirt.