There is now much more to the most popular sport in the world than what there used to be. Football has become very popular and is now one of the most watched and played sports in the world. A few years ago the aim of the game used to be to put on one of your team's football tops and score as many goals as possible and reach the highest in the table. Now there are many more factors and expectations in the world of football. There is a lot of money in football, the size of the player's wage packets for one. Another part of football that attracts many different companies from around the world are the sponsorship deals on football tops. Clubs from all angles are included; many national teams like Brazil, Portugal and England are all involved in big money deals. It was Liverpool who were the first ever club to have a main shirt sponsor printed on to their shirts; they had Hitachi in 1979, although they still kept their manufacturers Umbro on their shirts. The football club agreed a deal with the Japanese electronics company and wore their shirt with pride  as they were the first ever team to walk out on to the pitch with the new-look sponsored shirts. Other clubs started to follow in the footsteps of Liverpool FC, other popular teams such as Manchester United who's first ever sponsor was Sharp electronics and Arsenal who were sponsored by JVC.

Football tops have changed their image many times over the years, each year looking more modern and stylish. Shirt sponsors were limitregular_2012juventushomeshirted in size by the league when they first came out to keep football fans happy; some people took a dim view on the all-new shirt sponsors. Some companies were banned from offering football clubs sponsorship deals such as cigarette companies as this was seen as bad advertising, alcohol however is used often on football shirts. Popular beer company Carlsberg were used by Liverpool for many years as their shirt sponsorship, they carried on using Carlsberg from 1992 up until 2008. Years ago one of the most expensive sponsorship deals was Sharp's first deal with Manchester United which started in 1982 and cost £500,000 over 5 years.

In football today the most expensive deal over 5 years is £125 million pound, belonging to Spanish giants Barcelona. Nike are Barcelona's shirt manufacturers while Quatar Foundation sponsor their football tops. The second highest deal comes from German side Bayern Munich who are in a £23.6 million a year for three years deal with Deutsche Telekom also known as T-mobile in England. Coming in third are Premier League Champions Manchester United, with a £20 million a year, four year deal with Aon. Other teams rated high in the rankings to have pricey sponsorship deals include Liverpool, Real Madrid, Tottenham, Chelsea and Manchester City. Some of the main types of companies that offer sponsorships to football clubs and usually succeed in modern day football are mobile phone companies and betting companies, whereas it used to be electronic companies, brewery's and automakers reeling in the money. You see all different kinds of regular_2012intermilanhomeshirtsponsors on football tops it all depends on the clubs wealth and who offers them a deal. Sponsorships are not only used on football shirts, they are also used for football training wear.

Kit that is used for training including training tops, sideline tracksuits, pre match tops and trainer jackets are often used by players during training and whilst warming up at the side of the pitch, these are now sponsored by large companies. It is only larger companies that will sponsor football tops and training kit as there is so much money involved. A recent deal saw Manchester United buy back their rights with their training wear sponsor's DHL which now gives the club the right to look elsewhere for a new sponsorship deal. The deal with DHL that was agreed in 2010 was worth £40 million but the club think that they can get a better value-for-money deal. Since that was announced in 2012 Manchester United also revealed that their current shirt sponsor Aon will be taken over by car sales company General Motors in a deal worth £559 million pound. People from all around the world were shocked by the figures of this deal. After these facts you can see how the football industry has changed throughout the years and it shows us how much money is actually in football, the sponsorship deals are worth millions. With the popularity of football tops rising everybody is a winner as far as sponsorship companies, football clubs and Sportswear retailers are concerned. Sponsorship deals will carry on becoming more and more expensive as football clubs fight for the sponsorship they was representing on the front of their shirts.

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