A few weeks ago, it looked like Tottenham Hotspur was on the right track in the 2014 2015 Premier League. The team had just won two consecutive matches in a row (against Hull City and Everton, respectively) and had ascended to seventh place on the division standings table. Those games were the club's first consecutive victories since the first two weeks of the season-a fact that made it look as if players had been spending some time in the Totenham training kit.
If the Tottenham squad were training for improvement before the Hull and Everton fixtures, though, then maybe it's time for another session wearing the training kit. This past weekend, the team and their fans weathered a disappointing scoreless draw against Crystal Palace-an opponent currently ranked near the bottom of the 2014 2015 Premier League table. Clearly, the Spurs need a bit of support from fans, and you can provide it with a new Tottenham Hotspur track jacket 2014 2015, available now at Soccer Box.

This track jacket will make a great holiday gift for the football fan in your life. Designed and made by Under Armour, and featuring a slick black and yellow color scheme, it's the perfect jacket for staying warm at soccer features over the winter. It's also what the Spurs will be wearing, along with Spurs training kit, as they work on their game and prepare for a (hopefully) stronger set of games to come.

A Blow to Momentum 

Looking at Spur's last few weeks of play, it's clear that the team lost a lot of steam thanks to their away match against Chelsea on December 3rd. Prior to that football game, the club had just notched back-to-back wins against Hull and Everton-not to mention a 1-0 victory over Partizan in the early rounds of the UEFA Europa League.

Had Tottenham faced Crystal Palace after that little three-game winning streak, the outcome of the fixture might have been different. Instead, though, the wearers of the Tottenham Hotspur track jacket 2014 2015 had to venture to Stamford Bridge for a bruising football bout against the Blues.

The Chelsea match was always going to be a challenge for the Spurs. After all, the Blues are currently ranked as the top team in the 2014 2015 Premier League. Leading up to the game against Hotspur, Chelsea was even still undefeated in the division (they lost this past weekend against Newcastle United).

As predicted, the Spurs were more or less powerless against Chelsea's football lineup. The home squad scored two goals in the first 25 minutes, supplemented with a third in the second half, and kept Tottenham scoreless to ensure a 3-0 win. And just like that, Hotspur's momentum was snapped and it was back to the Spurs training kit for more practice and skill honing.

A Surprising Defeat

Unfortunately, Tottenham Hotspur couldn't pick itself up from the Chelsea match quite fast enough.

The match against Crystal Palace should have been an easy one for the Spurs. Not only is Palace currently sitting in 15th place on the 2014 2015 Premier League standings chart, but Tottenham was also playing in front of a supportive home crowd. Quite simply, the game should have been a surefire, home run victory.

But it wasn't. In a match where neither team could seem to find any offensive traction, the score ended up at a limp 0-0. And while Tottenham had possession of the soccer ball for more of the match than their opponents, that was just about the only superlative that the home team could claim at the end of the game.

So what's next for the Spurs? Do they need to buckle down, don the Tottenham Hotspur track jacket 2014 2015, and head outside for some much needed winter football training? Or do they, as former player and manager Glenn Hoddle thinks, need to find a "special player" during the winter transfer window?

Either way, you can show your support for the Hotspur squad by stopping by Soccer Box and picking up a Spurs training kit.