Ever since their last big win in 2005, London Football powerhouse Arsenal F.C. has been silently stalking the world ranking's top spot for 10 years. Only with the support of their fans will this top-flight team make the most of 2014 and finally break from the third and fourth place positions to make a run for the FA cup.

Established in 1886, the Arsenal Football Club proudly boasts one of the longest and most storied histories in English Football. As the first ever south England team to join the Football league, Arsenal has proudly worn the cannon crest for over 100 years.  Now you too can sport the Arsenal reds and blues on the soccer pitch with this year's line of Arsenal training kit from Nike, available right here at the Soccer Box store.

With The Invincibles gearing up to make another pass on the FA Cup again this year, the whole team is training harder than ever to take home their fifth cup, but the road to Wembley is even longer for the team than it is for the fans.  Arsenal Football Club manager Arsène Wenger has commented that the team is even more focused on winning the illusive magic cup for the first time since 2005.

Arsenal Hoodie Inspires Team Spirit

Team members and fans alike will stay warm during challenge cup games with the official 2014 Arsenal merchandise, like the Arsenal yellow core soccer hoodie 2013 - 2014 by Nike, available right here in the Soccer Box shop. Designed to match perfectly with the Arsenal F.C. away kit, this insulated cotton hoodie will make sure you can support your team and stay nice and toasty at their upcoming quarterfinal matchup against Everton.

As the Fifth Round Proper wound down at the end of February, Arsenal was looking strong as usual. In a spectacular fifth round game against Liverpool, Arsenal striker Lukas Podolski hammered home a quick low shot to secure a 2-1 win at their home stadium.  As Lukas and the team celebrated in their Arsenal reds, there was no mistaking the confidence and exuberance displayed by this legendary team as they continued their march towards the final round.

But confidence isn't all it takes to win 2014's FA cup, and as the Arsenal Football Club heads back to the pitch to practice for their next game, you can be sure they'll be wearing the latest Arsenal training kit. Off-field fan favourites are sure to include the Arsenal Black Core Soccer Tee, while would be Arsenal stars will fly the Arsenal Pre-Match blues in anticipation of their teams next big win.

Of course, you're sure to see plenty of the Arsenal yellow core soccer hoodie 2013 - 2014 in the crowd, when Gooners turn out en masse for Arsenal's quarterfinal at the Emirates Stadium. Though they finished 6th in last year's rankings, the Everton football club will be a hard toffee to chew, even for The Gunners. Top goalscorer Oliver Giruoud and his team will have their work cut out for them against Everton's returning goalkeeper Tim Howard.

It's hard to imagine that Arsenal hasn't won an FA cup for almost 10 years, but younger Gooners may not know that this is only the second longest dry season for London's favourite football club. In 1953 The Gunners hit a 17 year drought lasting all the way up until 1970, when Charlie George and John Sammels scored a breathtaking cross-field goal, securing their first cup win in almost 2 decades.

Showing Arsenal Pride

There hasn't been a time since that fateful day over 40 years ago when it was more important to show some serious Arsenal pride. The Arsenal yellow core soccer hoodie 2013 - 2014 is a great gift for fans of The London Gunners who already have their tickets to the next game, but true Gooners will settle for nothing less than the official away team colours. So when they ask why you're wearing yellow, they'll hear that tried and true cry: "It's for the Arsenal and we're going to Wembley!"

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