Will the Sweden national football team qualify for their fifth straight UEFA European Championship? The next incarnation of the tournament will be held next year in France, and the Swedish squad is currently battling their way through the qualification games for the right to compete. The team played Sweden Home Shirt 2014 - 2015four qualifying games during the fall of 2014, with the most recent played all the way back in mid-November. On March 27th, the Swedes will make a return with an away fixture in Moldova, and you can support their campaign now with a new Sweden soccer jersey from the Soccer Box online store.

One of the most eye-catching jersey designs that Adidas has come up with in recent years is the Sweden home shirt 2014 2015. A blue and yellow crew neck shirt with trademark Adidas striping, this home shirt is the uniform that the Swedish football squad will be wearing throughout 2015's qualifier games. Pick one up today to cheer the Blue-Yellow football squad toward a Euro 2016 qualification!

The Qualifiers Thus Far

At this point in time, Sweden's chances of making it into next year's European Championship seem quite good. Not only have the wearers of the Sweden soccer jersey participated in each of the last four Euro events, but they are also in second place in their qualifying group.

Along with Sweden, UEFA Qualifying Group G consists of Austria, Russia, Montenegro, Liechtenstein, and Moldova. Of those teams, the Blue-Yellow are only trailing behind Austria. Their group record includes one win, three draws, and zero losses-for a point total of 6. The Austrian side, meanwhile, has three wins and one draw, with zero losses. Every other football squad in the group has lost at least one fixture.

The Blue-Yellow started qualifier play all the way back in early September, drawing 1-1 in an away match with Austria. On October 9th, they scored another draw, donning the Sweden home shirt 2014 2015 for a 1-1 tie with Russia. And they closed out 2014's qualifiers with a third draw: a 1-1 away game with Montenegro.

The Swedish football team's only win in the qualifiers thus far came on October 12th, when they faced off against Liechtenstein in a home fixture. The Blue-Yellow won the match 2-0, with goals from forward Erkan Zengin and winger Jimmy Durmaz ensuring the victory.


Fans in the Sweden soccer jersey will be looking for something along the lines of that Liechtenstein win when their team plays Moldova on March 27th. It will be the first competitive football match of the year for the Swedish side. It will also be their fifth qualifying fixture for Euro 2016-marking the halfway mark for Group G play.

Based on the standings, the March 27th match should be an easy win for the Blue-Yellow. The Moldovan national team is ranked at the bottom of Group G, with zero wins, one draw, and three losses. Sweden have also beaten the Moldovans in every head-to-head battle in recent memory-including a 2014 friendly, two games in the Euro 2012 qualifiers, and two more games in 2002 World Cup qualifiers.

After the Moldova game, Sweden will have another lengthy hiatus from competitive play. Their next Euro qualification game will be on June 14th, when they will wear the Sweden home shirt 2014 2015 for a home game versus Montenegro. And after that, they will have another long break, leading up to an early September match in Russia.

Euro History

By the time Euro 2016 qualifying play finishes in October, will the Swedish soccer squad have earned a spot in next year's European Championship? It seems likely. In fact, a better question might be about whether or not Sweden has a shot at pushing beyond the groups in the actual Euro tournament.

Sweden has participated in five past Euro tournaments. Their most successful appearance was also their first, a 1992 fourth-place finish. They hosted the football event that year, and thrilled home audiences with their stellar finish. Since then, though, they've failed to make it past the groups on three occasions-in 2000, 2008, and 2012. Their only other appearance, in 2004, saw them reaching the quarterfinals.

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