In 2003 Roman Abramovich became the owner of Chelsea football club, he is a Russian billionaire who has since invested millions of pounds into transforming the club and the team into a successful commercial brand. Under Abramovich's ownership there have been many ups and downs for the team, during the last ten years they have had nine managers sacked but despite this, in terms of collecting silverware it has been the most successful period in the clubs history. Prior to Abramovich Chelsea had not won the Premier League, they won the First Division, the then top flight of football, in 1955, in recent years they have been crowned champions on three occasions in 2005, 2006 and 2010, this is a staggering turn around for the club. In addition to league success the team can boast of European glory winning the Champions League in 2012, and the Europa League in 2013.

Upon his investment in Chelsea Abramovich had very little knowledge about football, and to his credit he was worked hard to learn and understand to ensure he can make a valuable contribution to the growth of the club. Frank Arnesen who formerly worked at Chelsea has described Abramovich as someone who passionately believes in youth development, and that he wants his team to play 'attractive' football. Abramovich recognized the need to ensure his team could grow and develop, as part of this process due to the poor facilities that were already available he commissioned a brand new state of the artchelsea-anthem-jacket-blue-2013-14 training centre. The Cobham Training Centre in Surrey was officially opened in 2007, there are 30 football pitches, gym facilities, medical and media centers along with pools, a sauna and steam rooms. This facility is not only used by the first team players as they train for the new season, but also houses the youth training academy and ladies teams. Training is an important element in the success of any football team, they have specialized kit that has been developed by Adidas to help well known stars such as John Terry and Frank Lampard work their bodies and practice their skills to ensure that on the pitch their performance is always at its best.

In July the Chelsea team and reinstated manager Jose Mourinho will head to Asia for a pre-season tour, goalkeeper Petr Cech has said how important this tour will be in preparing for the upcoming season, and ensuring the team is physically in shape and ready for the start of the Premier League season in August. Throughout their time in Asia the players will not only be working as a team in preparation for the new season and playing friendly matches, they will also be showcasing their brand new training kit, that includes tops, sweatshirts, trousers and jackets. It seems that the Chelsea team are getting themselves physically and mentally prepared for the new season, with the return of popular manager Jose Mourinho, and the substantial investment from Abramovich over the last ten years, Chelsea will be a team to watch this season as they will be looking to add further league and European success to their trophy cabinet.

How useful do you think the pre-season tour of Asia will be?

What do you think of Chelsea's transformation to a trophy winning team under Abramovich's ownership?

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