Many passionate football supporters go and watch their favourite team playing matches, both home and away. Some supporters hold season tickets, these tickets usually cost well over £500 pound for the most popular clubs. Arsenal's season tickets were ranked the most expensive nearly coming in at £1000 pounds each. One of Arsenal's cheapest single day tickets costs around £35-40 pound. This can all be very expensive for fans, so why go and pay all that money to watch a match when you can watch the same one in the comfort of your own home live for free?

Sky, one of Britain's favourite broadcasting companies have always been the ones to bring live football to your homes. For years now Sky sports have provided live coverage of Premier League matches and other matches such as fixtures between La Liga teams. Often on a Saturday and Sunday they will pick out the most interesting matches and you can watch them live, with Sky's live pause and rewind you can also pause the game whenever you want to, you couldn't do that from your seat at the stadium. If you are already a Sky customer you will receive a discount if you wish to add this to your package. Soon Sky will have competition, BT have announced a new channel to their packages starting in August 2013. BT Sport, this channel will show all the best Premier League matches and a variety of other sports. More choices are becoming available to sports fans and with the increase in inflation more people are watching football at home.

Other positives about watching the game at home; you can eat and drink when you like, drink alcoholic beverages during the match, multi-task (answer the phone and be able to hear the person on the other end of the line) and much more. People that find it difficult to get out and about to watch the match also benefit from being able to view a football game on their television. Some people have a real get together with fellow supporters in their houses while watching the match; it is a much more relaxed atmosphere. There can be negatives when watching a match inside a stadium, these places can often get very busy and rowdy so people with young children who are supporters may find it more appropriate to watch from home. Also you cannot rely on the weather being nice as sometimes doesn't turn out that way, stadiums can get very cold as more often than not you are stood/sat still.

For a drink at a match you can pay quite a lot, for example a cup of tea usually costs £2.00 upwards, so why pay for a drink when you can make unlimited tea yourself at home? When it comes to football matches, some people really enjoy the atmosphere at team stadiums and would not have it any other way. Not all people pay out money when they go and watch their team, some people take flasks of tea and coffee which is a cheaper alternative. Food is available at matches like pies, these can also be very costly and then there are match programs. It all depends on your budget and which team you are going to watch, teams from the Championship often cost a lot less than Premier League matches. Some people love watching football matches from their favourite stadium seat, however there is nothing like the beauty of watching football in the comfort of your own home.

What are your views on watching football from home?

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