Paul Gascoigne often fondly referred to as Gazza was one of the English sporting heroes of the 80's and 90's.  He began his football playing career at Newcastle United making his debut appearance for the first team in 1985, during his time as a player he also starred at Tottenham Hotspur, Lazio and Glasgow Rangers.  Personal honours awarded to him include P.F.A Young Player of the Year 1987/88, BBC Sports Personality of the Year 1990 and Scottish Players' Player of the Year 1995/96.  More famously than his club career Gazza is best remembered among fans for his contribution to the English national team.  He proudly sported the England football shirt to gain an impressive 57 caps, he played in the well-remembered squad that reached fourth place in the 1990 FIFA World Cup their best finishing position other than their 1966 winning victory.  He also helped the team along to the semi-finals of the Euro 96 competition where they were beaten by Germany after extra time and penalties.

In 1998 Gazza's superstar career began to fade, he moved from Rangers to Middlesbrough but his playing time was blighted by injury, suspension and personal problems, short spells at Everton and Burnley effectively ended his league football. Likewise 1998 was the end of his national football career, he helped the team qualify for the 1998 World Cup but was left out of the final team due to injury and discipline issues such as drunkenness, upon discovering he hadn't been named in the squad he trashed manager Glenn Hoddle's room, he was never to be seen playing for England again after this outburst.  This was also the year that saw Gascoigne first undertake specialised therapy in order to combat his drink problem, he was admitted to the Priory Hospital after falling unconscious following a drinking binge consisting of 32 shots of whiskey, he discharged himself early after only two weeks of treatment.

Paul Gascoigne has suffered for much of his life with mental health problems, as well as his alcoholism he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2001, and has also been known to suffer with the eating disorder bulimia, and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).  Being Gazza: Tackling my demons was a book published in 2006 written by the man himself, he openly discusses his obsessive personality and the difficulties this has caused with alcohol, gambling, smoking, exercise and junk food.  The lists of problems afflicted on this ex-footballing star is extensive and include health problems including being sectioned under the Mental Health Act in 2008, financial issues and being arrested for drink driving on several occasions.  Most recently, this week Gazza who is now 46 has been admitted to hospital after an all-day drinking session in London, it has been reported by the national press that he was 'drunk, dirty and in tears', and he 'had a bottle of gin in each pocket', he collapsed outside of a London hotel asking for his ex-wife.  His family who are obviously very upset by this latest incident has publicly asked Gascoigne to 'give up the booze for good', they know he has reached rock bottom and is in a vicious cycle whereby he is dependent upon alcohol to avoid the depressive thoughts and moods that fill his head.  This year has been especially bad with Gascoigne being publicly drunk and violent toward his ex-wife, friends and family are urging him to re-enter therapy before it's too late and he loses his life to depression and alcoholism.

What are your favourite memories of Gazza: The football superstar?

What would you say to encourage him to get treatment and recover for good?