Football training kits are used by millions of professional footballers around the world, it first became well known when the Premier League launched in 1992. There are many different types of training kit and over recent years it has become more and more popular which has seen people of all ages buying these kits from sports shops in towns and online. Nowadays online you can take a look at a variety of football training kits as there are so many different types. For example for football player's standard training wear which they will usually have to wear whilst at their training ground would be items like the always popular training top. These products are usually made from quite thin material in order to keep player's cool whilst training. With Premier League club's using popular brands such as Nike and Adidas on their football shirts and training tops it is no wonder more and more people are buying them. To go with training tops the squad with usually either wear matching shorts or trousers depending on the weather. These training tops can come in a variety of colours. For example Premier League side Arsenal have a purple, black and a navy version. Another item which is part of the football training kits is the Pre-match top. This is the top that you will usually see the player's training in prior to their match being officially started; again you can buy these in a choice of colours for some clubs.

For the cooler weather a lot of clubs provide their players with sideline tracksuits. These are often quite expensive to buy from retailers and prices usually start from around sixty pound for children. They are most often worn by substitutes and players warming up at the side of the pitch. Sideline tracksuits include a jacket and matching trousers. If you take a look at a retailer online you will see that a number of clubs on there have a great number of football training kits to look through. It can be quite confusing as some products that look similar will be called different names. For example training jersey and training tops are the same products. Some clubs like Chelsea who have been in the champions league, may offer other training kits like the Champion's league presentation suits and training jerseys. These are usually a different design using the same club crests but different colours and usually have the Champion's league logo on them.

Recently top of the league team Manchester United have announced that they will be buying back the rights to own their training kit again. The reds made an eye-watering 40 million deal with international mail company DHL in 2010 which was meant to run up until 2014. However Manchester United have decided to buy out the company a year early in order to gain a better deal with a lot of interest coming their way about potential deals. DHL have done well though during their three years, attracting many customers in to buying items from the Manchester United football training kit. DHL however will continue to be Manchester United's global logistics sponsor. The training wear will continue to become more and more popular as one of the most watched sports grows, with children as young as 5 wanting to be wearing training wear just like their favourite players. I am sure we will continue to see more and more new ranges in shops and online from different clubs all over the world.

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