It has been revealed that the brand new England home shirt from 2013 will be manufactured by big American sports brand Nike. Many images of the possible New England home shirt have been leaked all over the internet, but it is more than likely these are fake. The first real picture to be unveiled was one on Twitter, posted by Arsenal and England midfielder. The shirt was pictured in a snap and worn by a student at Jack Wilshere's former school in Hertfordshire.  The young lad had the chance to model the new shirt as Wilshere had picked him out for his fantastic football skill. The Arsenal midfielder explained ''I gave Jason the shirt because his commitment and work-rate really impressed me today; he showed that it's what you do on the pitch that matters - from your first match as a nine year-old all the way up to the international stage.''

As the picture filtered through Twitter, comments and tweets flooded in as the public gave their opinions on the New England home shirt. There has been a large mixture of positive and negative comments regarding the unveil of the new shirt and what seems to be the argument is the fact that people think the design looks too much like the Germany shirt worn in the 1966 Wembley World Cup final. The New England shirt is mainly white in colour and features a dark blue crew neck collar exactly like the one worn by the Germany squad. There is a large Nike swoosh logo embroidered on to the shirt with the England national crest sitting opposite. The Germany shirt was very similar to this. Comments such as "The new England kit is dreadful, looks like we've nicked the Germans' shirts and stuck our badges on it" came through and much worse.

It was not all bad though many people commented on the simple style of the shirt and said it looked nice, simple and classic, some said they liked the old fashioned look. Umbro manufactured England's kits for years, dating right back to the 1950's. England fans have been so used to the double-diamond design on the England kits from Umbro it is hard to get used to seeing the modern Nike Swoosh logo in its place. Near to the end of Umbro's contract and news of Nike taking over, images were produced and next to pictures of the Umbro kits the words 'For over 50 years, we just did it' put on, mocking Umbro by using Nike's 'Just do it' slogan. The last Umbro England football shirt was worn in England's World Cup qualifier against Montenegro.

England's deal with Nike will be running up until at least 2018, so we will be looking forward to some more of their designs. With Nike you are always guaranteed a nice modern shirt; other club's kits that were manufactured by Nike during the 12/13 season include Arsenal, Manchester United, Barcelona, Portugal. Other teams will be jumping on the bandwagon this season and turning to Nike's great styling for their new kits. We look forward to seeing what the big brand can produce.

What do you think of the brand new England home shirt? Do you think Nike have made a better design than Umbro? Let us know your thoughts; we'd love to hear from you.

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