This time of year is always quite exciting for major football supporters; they get to find out what their favourite club's new football kit will look like. The one that most fans tend to look out for is the home jersey; this is the shirt that the football players wear during all home matches. Most fans like to show their support by wearing their matching home shirts to the stadium; the home style is usually the most popular out of all kits. Along with the away kit some teams release a third kit, this is not worn as many times as the two original kits but is most often used when their opposition wear the same colour kit and it could become confusing.

Liverpool, being one of many popular teams in the Premier League have recently unveiled their new away kit. This new strip has caused such controversy in the papers and in online forums. Arguments and conflicts about the style of this kit have gotten out of hand, supporters of other rival football teams have joined in with opinions on the kit and this has not gone down well. On the other hand some of the fans and supporters of other teams have applauded Warrior for their great efforts and a much different design to most basic kits. The shirt is mainly white and features some red and black detail, along with this there is a rather bold diamond-like pattern near the bottom of the shirt, this is very eye-catching and according to people's comments is the main part that the fans do not seem to be too keen on.

The new away shirt does look slightly old-fashioned to some and has been referred to as a 'Christmas jumper' for those who did not like the diamond patterns. However Warrior were inspired when designing this shirt by an old jersey from the 1981 era when Liverpool won the league cup, so for this we have to give them credit for bringing in some great history and inputting this into a strip. There is no denying the club do have some fantastic history and are constantly challenging and aiming higher in the league but they finished 7th at the end of the 2012-13 season in what to them would seem a disappointing season. The year before that they finished in 8th place and the one before that 6th so the team need to be scoring more goals and keeping more out in order to reach 5th place for a Europa League place at least. Qualifying for that or even a Champion's league place at the end of the 2013-14 season would be a terrific achievement for the Merseyside club and would prove Brendan Rogers worthy of his managerial position.

News and rumors surrounding the future of the club's top scorer and most controversial player at the end of the season Luis Suarez just will not end. There are more stories each day, many from the man himself. The Uruguayan international has spoken about his time at the club and in England in general. Since the incident near the end of the season when he bit Chelsea player Zlatan Ibrahimovic and received a massive ten match ban, the 26 year old has taken some rather negative comments from the public and the press. Many families have spoken about how much their son/daughter looked up to the striker but then after this incident said that they would no longer be doing so. The events have knocked Suarez and he is now thinking of leaving the club. Real Madrid are one of the clubs said to be at the front of the queue for him. The Uruguayan was said to be chuffed that a team like Madrid were interested in him and he would relish the chance to play for them. On the other hand he reiterated his love for the Anfield club and said that he wants them to be challenging for Champion's League football each season. It is unclear as of yet whether the star striker will leave or will be wearing the new Liverpool Away Football kit this upcoming season but I am sure we will be hearing shortly. If they can keep hold of him they will have a better chance of getting further in the league.

Rogers has already bought in some new players including Luis Alberto, a Spanish 20 year old striker from Sevilla and Lago Aspas another front man. This is another reason the Liverpool fans have been worried over Suarez's future, this however could just be the managers way of making him fight for his place with some competition. Simon Mignolet from Sunderland has also joined up with the team to give Pepe Reina a run for his money in front of the Liverpool goal. Brendan Rogers seems to be heading in the right direction and is bringing some young, hungry players in, as well as the signing of Kolo Toure with some experience. If they can work hard this season, keep a hold of their top players and score plenty of goals they will achieve their dreams of reaching the top four again.

What are your opinions on the new Liverpool kits by Warrior? Are they too wacky or is it great to see something different to the basic shirts? Let us know your thoughts on the new Liverpool Away Football Jersey.

Emily writes exclusively for Soccer Box, here you can find a range of Liverpool items including the new kits.

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