By the time the team finally became the Manchester City football club, nearly 15 years of its history had already elapsed. Since then though, another 120 years have gone by and its become quite clear that the name "Manchester City" is going to be an integral cog of English league football play for as long as English league football play exists. The popularity of the Nike Manchester City home shirt 2013 2014, as well as other pieces of team gear, has proven that point in spades.

Manchester City Soccer Shirt

A Complicated Past

Part of the reason that the light blue colors of the Manchester City home shirt have remained such a ubiquitous sight in English soccer is that the team who wears them has seen such an impressive record as a football team. "Impressive" doesn't necessarily equate to "consistent," though, and Manchester City has not been the dominating force in English soccer that its local arch-rivals, Manchester United, have.

In fact, Manchester City wasn't much of a presence in English football at all for the first several decades of its tenure. It wasn't until the 1936 1937 season that the team clinched its first league championship, and most soccer experts would say that Man City didn't reach the peak of its powers until the 1960s and 70s, many years after the team had been founded and organized.

Between those two occurrences, Manchester City was, on several occasions, relegated to the second division of English soccer. One of these relegations, in 1963, brought Manchester City to the brink of irrelevance and destruction. Attendance was down, fan interest was waning, and it appeared that the Manchester City team would not survive to reclaim its position in the Football League First Division.

But then came the golden age.

A dynamic management duo of Joe Mercer and Malcolm Allison was brought in to help right the Manchester City ship and bring the team back into good standing. They succeeded with aplomb, leading the team to a victory in the second division and revitalizing fan interest.

This renewed momentum earned Manchester City a new slot in the Football League First Division, and this time, it wasn't willing to let things go so easily. In the 1967 1968 season, the team actually won the league title. Manchester City was back.

The streak of success continued throughout the remainder of the 60s and much of the 70s, bringing Manchester City a number of national and continental trophies. Despite the newfound inspiration though, Manchester City couldn't claim another league title, and eventually, the momentum brought in by Mercer and Allison simply petered out.

In 1996, Manchester City fell even lower than it had been in 1963, finding itself relegated not just to the second division, but to the third division. The possibility of the team ever winning another Premier League or even competing in England's top division seemed like a pipe dream.

A Second Comeback

Obviously, the fact that the Manchester City soccer shirt even exists is proof that Manchester City's pipe dream came true. In the 2011 2012 season, the team fought its way to the top of the pack, claiming its third first division title in English football, and the first since the glory days of the 1967 1968 season.

In the 2012 2013 season, Man City proved that its Premier League victory wasn't a fluke, either. While the team was ultimately left in the runner-up position, defeated by Manchester United, the season was enough to prove to fans and soccer prognosticators that Manchester City was backÂ…again. 2013 2014 saw Manchester City strike back even harder, and claim their 2nd Premier League title in only 3 football seasons.

Clearly, few teams have proven to be as durable or resilient as Manchester City, and fans are observing that fact with every purchase of the Manchester City home shirt 2013 2014 made on Soccer Box.

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