Which teams will finish in the three podium positions for the 2014 2015 Premier League? And which football clubs will round out the top five? These are the questions on the lips of many soccer fans around the world, as competition heats up near the zenith of the division standings table. Manchester United is right at the center of all that competitive action, currently sitting in fourth place and just a few points from the teams on either side. Will the Red Devils be able to cling to that spot, or better their position? Help them do so today: support the football club with a brand new Man Utd shirt.

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The 2014 2015 Premier League

Man Utd have played 30 football games so far in the 2014 2015 Premier League. That means there are eight more matches to play before the season will be over, the standings set in stone, and the trophy awarded. Needless to say, those last eight weeks of competitive play are going to be a battle for the top football clubs in the division.

Right now, the "top clubs in the division" category includes seven different teams. Indeed, the upper echelons of the standings table have gotten awfully crowded in the past few weeks, and the wearers of the Man Utd shirt are just one of the entities jockeying for position.

The leader, of course, is the same club that has been leading the way all year: Chelsea FC. With 67 points, the Chelsea soccer squad is at least two games ahead of every other organization in the division. They're in an enviable position as the season heads into its final stretch, and it seems unlikely that they will be displaced from the apex of the table.

The next three squads in the standings are Man City, Arsenal and Manchester United. City is in second, with 61 points, while Arsenal and United trail just behind with 60 and 59 points respectively. Arsenal's Gunners skated past the Red Devils a few weeks ago, after a long season spent steadily climbing the table. The teams will play one another in the second-to-last week of competition (a home fixture for Man Utd, scheduled for May 16th), and it could be an important and dramatic contest, given their current standings.

Fans in the Manchester United away jersey 2014 2015 shouldn't only be paying attention to the Gunners, though. On the contrary, Liverpool (54 points) is pushing for a come-from-behind surprise, after a season spent struggling with the loss of star striker, Luis Suarez. Southampton and Tottenham Hotspur, meanwhile, are both just one point back.

Tottenham and Liverpool

As you can see, things are getting especially competitive as the 2014 2015 Premier League nears its end. Luckily, the Red Devils aren't buckling under the pressure-at least not yet. On March 15th, the club gave home fans in the Man Utd shirt something to cheer about with a resounding 3-0 victory against Tottenham.

On March 22nd, the Devils delivered another satisfying win, donning the Manchester United away jersey 2014 2015 to take on Liverpool. Juan Mata scored two goals in a row for the Red Devils, paving the way for a key 2-1 triumph.

Will the team have more moments like these as the 2014 2015 Premier League reaches its most crucial stage? We'll have to wait to find out, but you can root for the squad today, with a new Man Utd shirt from Soccer Box! Whether you are looking for a green goalkeeper jersey or a red away shirt, you can find it here.