Tottenham Hotspur is a Premier League football club; they have a large fan base. Many of their supporters are based in North London but can also be found around the world. There is a fierce loyalty amongst Spurs fans this is helping the brand new Tottenham Hotspur toddler clothes range be so popular. It is tempting for fans to encourage their newborn to support their favorite team at as early an age as possible. Shop now at Soccer Box!

Football as the most popular sport in the world has fans of all ages. Many young children support the same team as members of their family. Once able to talk even toddlers can express a desire to cheer on the same team as their dad, however, a new craze is gripping football. Tottenham Hotspur toddler clothes are amongst a growing range of football team baby clothing that is selling fast at Soccer Box.

The range of toddler clothes available has been specifically designed for the youngest member of your family. The Tottenham Hotspur baby bibs are a brand new item in the range available at Soccer Box. This is a pack of 2 bibs they have been designed in the team's famous white and blue color scheme. Each bib features a Spurs crest and the team's sponsor logo. There is a popper fastening on the left side of each bib, ensuing it is easy to put on and remove at meal times.

The Tottenham Hotspur baby bibs are part if the exciting collection of team baby clothes available at Soccer Box. You can also choose to shop for baby vests and sleep suits amongst other items. Each of the items in the range is designed in the teams iconic color scheme. This is official merchandise designed, and sold under license from the club.

The Spurs football kits are manufactured by Under Armour, this partnership began in 2012 and will remain in place until at least 2017. Under Armour is a new supplier of soccer kits, but is doing an excellent job, this seasons kits feature fantastic designs for older supporters. The design of the Tottenham Hotspur toddler clothes collection is based upon the traditional home colors and the brand new home kit design.

Tottenham Hotspur toddler clothes are a fantastic purchase for any new parents. Supporting a team is a passionate hobby for many people, introducing your baby to your favorite team is a great way of bonding with baby and building a special connection. You can order the latest Spurs football shirt for yourself, and both wearing your team clothing you can cheer on the team during every game.

As well as supporting your favorite soccer team your baby is sure to look adorable wearing Tottenham Hotspur baby clothes. These clothes can also be purchased as a gift for the newborn of any other Spurs fans that you know. Football baby clothes are the latest fashion, a must have for any proud new parents and their young baby. Wearing these clothes may start a lifelong affinity with Spurs football club.

When your little one grows out of the Tottenham Hotspur toddler clothes you can shop for the brand new home or away kit that is available in small sizes. These kits contain official replicas of the shirts, shorts and socks. Your toddler will look adorable wearing their mini Spurs kit to kick a soccer ball around the garden. You are sure to spend many happy hours with your child playing football and watching your favorite team.

Start to grow your baby's love of football at a young age. The Tottenham Hotspur toddler bibs are great value and a practical, necessary baby item. Add some Spurs vests and sleep suits to their wardrobe to complete the look. Shop now at Soccer Box.

The Tottenham Hotspur baby clothes range is available to order now. Get your baby interested in supporting the team. Supporting a team and playing soccer are great hobbies for your little one as they get older. You will be able to kick a ball around together, watch the Spurs on television, maybe even enjoy a special day out together at White Hart lane to watch a game.

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