The 2014 2015 English Premier League season is officially underway, and with how well the Tottenham Hotspur football club has performed in its first matches of the year, now is the perfect time for fans to stock up on Tottenham Hotspurs soccer jerseys and support the team. After five straight seasons of hanging around the fourth, fifth, and sixth-place positions on the Premier League table, perhaps the Spurs are ready to make a push toward the top slot this season.

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Tottenham Hotspur Football Kit

Fighting for the Top Slot

While the first place slot means little in the Premier League until late in the season after all, during last season alone, the lead changed hands on 25 occasions Tottenham fans are undoubtedly glad to see their team hanging around with the top teams on the table for the time being. The high position is thanks to a strong two-match opening for Tottenham, with a high-scoring home win against the Queens Park Rangers football club standing out as particularly dominant in their league.

Indeed, Tottenham Hotspur has had an eventful season already, and there is still so much left to come. For instance, Tottenham's season opener, a 1-0 victory over West Ham, caught headlines when a misguided football fan invaded the field. Spurs attacking midfielder Christian Eriksen was preparing to take a free kick when the fan came dashing up the field and took it for him. West Ham goalkeeper Adrian blocked the kick, and the fan was soon escorted off the field and arrested.

Flattening QPR

The wearers of the Tottenham Hotspurs soccer jerseys caught headlines for their second match as well, though for entirely different reasons. While the West Ham game had brought a narrow victory, made newsworthy by a bizarre incident, Tottenham's match against QPR was notable solely because of an excellent on-field performance by the Spurs.

The Tottenham team looked as strong as it ever has playing against QPR, with a 4-0 score that gave the Spurs a big boost in goal difference that will likely help the team to sit near the top of the Premier League table if it continues to win matches. Winger Nacer Chadli was the star of the match, scoring a brace of goals, but both forward Emmanuel Adebayor and new transfer Eric Dier added goals to increase the Tottenham lead.

Tottenham's fortunes shifted a bit during the team's third match, a 3-0 defeat against the Liverpool football club. To add insult to injury, the loss came at home, and dropped Tottenham out of the Premier League top five for the time being.

Recent Club Struggles

Even despite the Liverpool loss, the Spurs away jersey 2014 2015 looks nearly bulletproof after five solid seasons in the Tottenham camp. However, despite the consistent performance of the team over the past few years, the club's organization has been anything but static. On the contrary, the Spurs have had a new manager every season since 2012, and the inconsistency in coaching style could feasibly be what has been holding the team back from becoming a top-three Premier League prospect.

Not that winning the Premier League is an easy task. Since the division was officially organized for the 1992 1993 season, only five teams have won the title: Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, and the Blackburn Rovers. Those teams have occupied the bulk of the runner-up positions as well, with only Newcastle United, Liverpool, and Aston Villa being the only second placers to have never won the title.

Clearly, the Premier League is among the most competitive of football divisions, with several dynasty teams that are simply always near the top of the table. Only time will tell whether Tottenham, with its snappy new Spurs away jersey 2014 2015 redesign, will be able to snap long-lasting trends and take the one of the top two slots in this year's Premier League.

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