With that kind of momentum, it seemed as if Hotspur was a shoo-in to win their first 2014 2015 FA Cup match and progress to the next round. That's not what happened though: instead, Tottenham drew 1-1 in their tournament fixture against Burnley. A rematch is now scheduled for January 14th, and you can root for Hotspur with a brand new Spurs boys home shirt 2014 2015 or adult home kit, both available at Soccer Box.

The Burnley Match

Like most of the other football clubs in the 2014 2015 Premier League, the Spurs received a bye into the third round of the Football Association Cup. That meant that they would play their first games in the competition in the first days of January 2015.

Tottenham was drawn against the Burnley Clarets for the third round fixture, set to be played away from the Spurs' home venue of White Hart Lane. While Tottenham is contending for a top five slot in the 2014 2015 Premier League, the Clarets are in second to last on the standings table.

That fact should have paved the way toward an easy win for the Spurs. Indeed, many young soccer fans in the Tottenham junior kit expected just that. After all, Hotspur had just recently won a league game against the Clarets, beating them in a December 20th home fixture.

Away from home, though, the tables were a bit turned. Burnley showed up with better defense than anyone had expected, and both teams left the pitch scoreless at halftime. The Spurs seemed to steal the momentum early in the second half, with Nacer Chadli landing a goal at the 56-minute mark. 17 minutes later, though, the score was equalized again, and that's where it would stay.

A Rematch

The bad news is that the squads now have to face one another again in a rematch that will decide who progresses to the third round. The good news is that Hotspur gets to go home for the rematch. All the more reason to stock up on items like the Kids Tottenham shirt or adult home kit from Soccer Box!

The home field advantage has done a lot for the Spurs this year. In addition to their home victory against Chelsea, the club has won White Hart Lane fixtures against the likes of Everton, Southampton, and Newcastle United. The combination of the familiar pitch and the countless cheering fans-from young boys and girls in the Tottenham junior kit to veteran supporters wearing the 2014 2015 home shirt-fuels the Spurs' best performances.

FA Cup Hopes

The fans at home, of course, would love to see Tottenham claim the 2014 2015 Football Association Cup title. The club has won the tournament eight times over the years, but their most recent win came all the way back in 1991.

In other words, some supporters of the club-especially the junior fans who are wearing the Spurs boys home shirt 2014 2015 today-were not even alive when Tottenham Hotspur last won an FA trophy. Even some older supporters of the club may not be old enough to remember the 1990 1991 season! Suffice to say that a tournament victory in 2014 2015 would be a huge reason for the club to celebrate.

Do you think Hotspur can beat the Clarets in their upcoming rematch? Do you think they have what it takes to go all the way in the tournament? If so, grab a new Tottenham junior kit or adult shirt at Soccer Box! Whether you are looking for a junior boys home shirt or a full-sized away kit, you can find it here.