Tottenham Hotspur wants a top-five finish in the 2014 2015 English Premier League. After just missing out on the winner's circle last season with a sixth-place outcome, the Spurs have been working hard in recent months in pursuit of a better result. Arsenal may currently be spoiling the club's top-five hopes, but with a strong January run promising better things to come, there's no doubt that the Spurs will be aiming high as this season reaches its most crucial, competitive stage. Root for the football team today with a brand new Tottenham shirt!

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A Strong January

It's a proud time to be a fan in the Tottenham shirt. The Spurs kicked off 2015 with a bang, beating Chelsea FC in a 5-3 home game on New Year's Day. And despite a slight hiccup-a January 10th away loss against Crystal Palace-subsequent victories have still made it possible to call January a very good month for the Hotspur soccer squad.

First of all, that win against Chelsea was key. Not only did it provide big scoring opportunities for a lot of Hotspur's best players-including Harry Kane, Danny Rose, Andros Townsend, and Nacer Chadli-but it was also only Chelsea's second loss of the 2014 2015 season so far. In a year where virtually no one has been able to touch the Blues, the Spurs beat them handily. It was one of the most exciting soccer fixtures of the entire season.

The month did see one big disappointment. After beating Burnley to earn a spot in the fourth round of the 2014 2015 FA Cup, Tottenham lost 1-2 in a home fixture against Leicester City. As a result of the loss, the wearers of the Tottenham Hotspur away jersey 2014 2015 will not have a spot in the football tournament's round of 16.

Luckily, one tournament failure was answered by another success. After missing out on advancement in the FA Cup, the wearers of the Tottenham shirt beat Sheffield United to earn a spot in the 2014 2015 League Cup finals. The championship match will be played on March 1st, and will bring the Spurs face-to-face with the Blues once more. Needless to say, it will be an exciting soccer event.

West Bromwich Albion

Beyond a tumultuous series of cup qualifications and eliminations, this past month also saw some solid Premier League play for Hotspur. In addition to the win against Chelsea, the team also won 2-1 in a home fixture against Sunderland. And this past weekend, they closed out the first month of 2015 with a shutout victory over West Bromwich Albion.

For the fixture, the Spurs donned the Tottenham Hotspur away jersey 2014 2015 and headed off to West Bromwich to face the Throstles. Since Albion had beaten Tottenham 0-1 back in a September 21st home match, no one was sure how the away game would go.

As it turned out, the game went quite well. Hotspur took the lead just six minutes into regulation time, thanks to a goal from Christian Eriksen. And after that, the Spurs were simply unstoppable.

Hugo Lloris, wearing the goalkeeper jersey for the match, did his part by keeping a clean sheet. However, the MVP of the game was Harry Kane, who scored his ninth and tenth goals of the 2014 2015 Premier League football season at the game.

Kane's first goal came at the 15-minute mark, when he converted an assist from Moussa Dembele into a 2-0 lead for the Tottenham side. A penalty goal midway through the second half brought the score to 3-0, where it would stay until full-time.

Will February be as kind to the Spurs as January was? Only time will tell, but you can show your support for the soccer team-and push them toward a fifth-place league finish-by picking up a brand new Tottenham shirt today. Whether you are looking for a home shirt, a goalkeeper jersey, or an away kit, you can find it here.